Missouri Camping and RVing Travel Guide


Land of Caves, Lakes, and Riverboats
If you enjoy spending your day on a cool lake, fishing or boating, Missouri is the place for you. No matter what region you choose, you'll find plenty of lakes, rivers, and streams. This state is bordered by two great rivers, the Missouri in the west and the Mississippi on the east. The rich soil brought by these rivers provides the basis for Missouri's excellent agriculture. Look for corn, fruit, wheat, soybeans, cotton, and livestock as you travel throughout the state.
After the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, American pioneers followed the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers into the area. St. Louis was already thriving as a river-town, and it quickly became a gateway to the new west. The Pony Express arose in St. Joseph to carry news and mail to settlers. The Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails all crossed Missouri, making it a jumping-off point for covered wagon parties.

While the north is primarily prairie land, the Ozark Mountain area of the southwest offers beautiful, hilly scenery and thick oak and hickory woods. Travel along the Mississippi, stopping at Mark Twain's hometown of Hannibal, or tour the sights of St. Louis. In the southeast, the Mark Twain National Forest offers plenty of wildlife and bird watching. The Missouri River, in the west, is dotted with historical sites. Further south lies the metropolis of Kansas City and the Ozark Lakes region, a fantastic spot for a fishing trip.
images courtesy of the Missouri Division of Tourism