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Camp Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Discover Victoria, BC with a RV or Camping Trip

Victoria, BC is a delightful destination for a relaxing weekend or vacation. Visitors will find all sorts of delightful attractions and activities. British Columbia as a whole is a beautiful region to enjoy a vacation. Victoria especially is perfect for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or just a relaxing weekend.

Visitors to British Columbia can get to Victoria by air or sea. Taking a ferry trip to Victoria makes a great weekend expedition. There are ferry services to Victoria from Port Angeles, WA, Vancouver, Seattle, the San Juan's, Bellingham and others. Starting and ending a trip to Victoria with a ferry expedition is a lot of fun, the sea air and the views from the ferry are lots of fun.

After disembarking the ferry, visitors will find plenty to do right off the dock. Downtown Victoria is filled with beautiful places to stay, parks and other attractions to enjoy. In the afternoon, stopping at the Fairmont Empress Hotel for their Afternoon Tea is one of Victoria's delights. The Fairmont Hotel  offers a traditional English Afternoon Tea, with their unique blend of tea served with scones, heavy cream, jam, sandwiches and pastries.

Once visitors have enjoyed the delicious tea service at the Fairmont Empress, there are many attractions to explore. Visitors to Victoria can explore the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, which has an amazing display of maritime history. The Royal BC Museum is an excellent place to learn all about the history of British Columbia. Another attraction worth stopping at is the Pacific Undersea Gardens, which display the regions undersea life.

Victoria is also a great place to enjoy some shopping. Throughout the downtown region there are excellent examples of different types of shopping. From antiques to Chinatown to boutiques, everyone will find a shop they love.

Visitors to this region will also find a wide variety of parks and outdoor recreation near Victoria. There are many different options for whale watching expeditions. This region of the northwest is an excellent place to enjoy first class whale watching. The parks in this are also a great way to enjoy some outdoor activities. There are places to ski, golf and more. The Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and the Horne Lake Caves are excellent destinations for recreation in British Columbia.

Another destination not to be missed during a trip to the Victoria are the Butchart Gardens. The exquisite gardens cover over 55 acres. Features in the park include the Rose Garden, The Sunken Garden, the Japanese Gardens and more. Every visitor should stop to see this true treasure.

Victoria, BC is an amazing destination for a getaway. Whether visitors have a day or a week, there are plenty of activities and attractions to fill any length of time. No matter the interest of the visitor, every traveler to Victoria should stop for tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel, explore the Butchart Gardens and enjoy a ferry ride or whale watching expedition. These activities will allow visitors to see and experience some of the best that Victoria has to offer.

Camping Gem | Shelter Cove, California

Road Trip to Shelter Cove, CA

Shelter Cove is an ideal California camping destination. Located in Humboldt County, Shelter Cove is a beautiful on California's Lost Coast.

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Go Camping - Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument


The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is one of the most amazing, austere and unique locations in the United States. Covering almost 1.9 million acres in Utah, this vast region represents one of the most spectacular sights of the western United States. Within this remote landscape visitors will find unimaginable natural beauty filled with adventure.

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Camp South Padre Island, Texas

Camping Trip Ideas - South Padre Island

South Padre Island is a beautiful vacation destination on the southern tip of  Texas. The Island is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the east and Laguna Madre Bay on to the west. This tropical island's only link to mainland Texas is a two and a half mile long bridge, the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway. Stretching for 34 miles, and only a half mil at its widest point, South Padre Island is filled with fun activities for visitors.

Visitors will find excellent vacation weather throughout the year. During the winter temperatures remain in the 60s and in the summer there are warm sea breezes and the temperatures average in the low 80s. With such pleasant weather year-round vacationers will be able to enjoy the beaches and water activities, as well as, resorts and other fun activities whenever they visit.

South Padre Island is the southern end of Padre Island, which is the longest Barrier Island in the world. Padre Island also boasts the largest stretch of undeveloped ocean beach in North America. Visitors always enjoy the stunning white sandy beaches on South Padre Island. These beautiful beaches are the perfect spot to enjoy relaxing in the sun. However, there are many other activities that can be enjoyed on the long stretches of beaches, including horseback riding on the beach, building amazing sand castles and more.

In addition to the sandy beaches, visitors will find all sorts of water activities to enjoy. South Padre Island offers opportunities to snorkel, parasail, scuba dive, surf, kiteboard, boat charters, windsurf, sky dive and much more. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of eco-tours. South Padre Island offers dolphin watch tours, wildlife boat tours, and lots of birding.

South Padre Island is a birders paradise, combining a wide variety of birds with an idyllic destination to enjoy watching them. Birders can find over 300 different species of birds on the island. South Padre Island has many more opportunities to observe wildlife beyond dolphins and birds. The Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center is a great place to learn about the types of wildlife in the area, and there are also many opportunities for birding in the area around the visitor center.

In addition to the many recreational activities visitors can enjoy on South Padre Island, there are many fascinating attractions that the whole family can enjoy during a stay. After crossing the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway, visitors will find themselves in the historic town of Port Isabel. The Port Isabel Lighthouse is a great spot to start learning about the area's history. Construction of the Lighthouse began in 1851, and has stood as an important landmark in Port Isabel since that time. Today, visitors can tour the Port Isabel Lighthouse, and learn about the long and fascinating history of this coastal region.

Families will love the Coastal Studies Laboratory. Visitors can explore the public displays that highlight many different species of plants and animals from the South Padre Island region. The Coastal Studies Laboratory is an excellent destination to learn about the native species that can be found in the area.

South Padre Island has a busy nightlife and is an excellent Spring Break destination on top of the fascinating history and many recreational activities to be enjoyed. The resorts and other lodging options offer a variety of dining and other events to enjoy. South Padre Island also has a wide variety of restaurants, clubs and bars beyond the resorts. These clubs and bars offer dancing, live music and much more.

Visitors to South Padre Island are sure to find many different exciting activities to enjoy. Throughout the day's beautiful tropical weather visitors can enjoy water activities, sandy beaches, wildlife and the region's history. In the evening there is live music, delicious dining and much more. These many features of the island make it an ideal vacation destination throughout the year.

Visit New London, Wisconsin

Camping and RV Travel Information - New London, Wisconsin

New London is a mid-west destination filled with year-round activities and attractions. In addition to history, recreation and nature, New London is an excellent St. Patrick's Day destination. Visitors are sure to find something to entertain during a trip to New London.

For those visitors that enjoy learning about the history of a vacation destination, the New London Public Museum is a great first stop. Founded in 1917, the museum has excellent exhibits on natural history and Native American culture. Another great destination is the Heritage Historical Village. The Heritage Historical Village has a railroad museum, as well as a variety of historic buildings. Visitors will enjoy seeing the Octagon House, the School House, still with its original furnishings, and even the train depot was moved to the village. In addition to the buildings, visitors can see the two cabooses and diesel locomotive at the Heritage Historical Village.

New London is also an ideal destination for year-round recreation. The town is located on the Embarrass River, and the Wolf River. These two rivers make it an amazing year-round fishing spot, especially walleye fishing. Visitors can also enjoy hiking, biking, tubing, rafting, boating and more. During the winter, visitors can go hunting and snowmobiling among other winter sports.

The Wolf River Sturgeon Trail is a paved trail, half mile long, along the Wolf River. This trail is an excellent location for walking and fishing. There are fishing platforms as well as a boardwalk that extends into the nearby marsh. The boardwalk is ideal for nature and wildlife viewing. This location is also a good spot to view the Sturgeon during spawning. The sturgeon can be up to 6 feet long, and the sight only lasts for a few days.

In addition to hiking and walking on the trails, New London is also a great spot for biking. The Wolf River region is hilly and also very beautiful. The area has 900 acres of parks, trails and recreation areas.

New London is a perfect Saint Patrick's Day destination. The town boasts a variety of Saint Patrick's Day festivities. There is a Saint Patrick's Day Parade, as well as Irish Fest and week-long festivities. The New London St. Patrick's Day Parade is Wisconsin's largest St. Patrick's Day Parade. During this time New London even changes its name to New Dublin.

New London is an ideal destination in Wisconsin. Visitors can fish, hike, bike and more. After spending time recreating, visitors can learn all about the local history. New London has beautiful scenery, excellent nature viewing, good fishing and much more. The town is even an amazing destination during Saint Patrick's day, when it is filled with fun and exciting festivities.

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah a camping and RVing treasure.

Park City, Utah is an amazing winter destination in the United States. Probably best known as major locations for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, Park City is also the main location for the Sundance Film Festival, is the home of the United States Ski Team, among other things. Despite its famous past and associations, Park City is one of the more accessible winter destinations in the Salt Lake City area.

Park City is comprised of three world-class ski resorts. The three resorts are Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort, and Canyons Resort. All three of these resorts are a great destination by themselves, visitors to Park City can visit just one of these resorts or take an extended trip to encompass all three of the resorts.

Park City Mountain Resort is located just a half hour away from Salt Lake City, making it an easy destination to reach. This resort has an abundance of excellent powder, bowls and peaks. Park City has three terrain parks, and as many as 50 groomed runs. Families can also enjoy the excellent childrens classes.

Deer Valley is one of the top rated ski resorts in the country, and has consistently remained as one of the top ranked resorts. This resort is known for its excellent service. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful slopes, glade skiing, and many excellent amenities. Deer Valley has ten restaurants on the mountain, each offering delicious dining options.

Finally, Canyons Resort is the third of the Park City resorts, and also offers an excellent vacation destination. Canyons Resort has 4,000 acres of terrain. On the acreage of Canyons Resort visitors will find an amazing ski and snowboard experience on the 9 mountains, 5 bowls and 176 trails.

Visitors to Park City can enjoy watching world-class athletes train at Utah Olympic Park. In addition to watching the amazing athletes in training, visitors to the Utah Olympic Park can stop at the Alf Engen Ski History Museum, and the 2002 Eccles Winter Olympic Museum. Utah Olympic Park also offers visitors the chance to race down the track in a bobsled, and learn about the skeleton and luge.

Park City is not only an excellent winter destination, there is plenty of excitement and fun to be found during the summer as well. Summer visitors will find an amazing array of summer recreational opportunities at the three resorts, including biking, hiking, fishing, and golf. Visitors to Park City in the summer can also enjoy the alpine slide, hot air ballooning and much more.

Beyond the recreational opportunities throughout the summer and winter, Park City and the three resorts offer even more excitement. Park City's Main Street is filled with things to see and do. There are walking tours of Main Street, which details the very interesting history of the town. There are plenty of places to enjoy fine dining, and many excellent boutiques for shoppers to enjoy. Park City's Main Street also has an excellent nightlife.

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