Naturally Delicious Wild Rice

Despite its name, wild rice isn't actually rice. It's part of the genus Zizania, a collection of wild grasses that grown in marshes, shallow lakes, and slow-moving streams all across middle America and Canada. In fact, you can find wild rice growing in such varied areas as Minnesota, Texas, Manitoba, and all regions in between.

In Minnesota, wild rice is harvested in the traditional way by the Ojibwe, by canoeing into wild rice stands and gently knocking the ripe seed heads into the canoe. It's critical that wild rice be harvested by hand, because the seeds that land outside the canoe sink to the bottom of the lake, germinate, and grow up to be next year's crop.

Wild Rice Fun Facts
Wild rice and maize (corn) are the only grains that are native to North America. This cereal is high in protein and dietary fiber, and it's naturally low in fat. Wild rice makes a delicious‚and colorful‚ addition to casseroles, stews, pilafs, and Thanksgiving stuffing dishes. offers up 2 great wild rice recipes this month. Try Cashew Wild Rice or Wild Rice with Rosemary and Almond Stuffing.

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