Summertime is the perfect time of year to enjoy a nice cold sandwich. They are simple to make, and there are endless types to choose from. Everyone has their own favorite sandwich. Many of us remember slowly graduating from peanut butter and jelly to more sophisticated meals-between-bread.  Here are some family favorites in the sandwich department.

King Kamehameha Sandwich
This sandwich is a family favorite. Basically, it is a cold cuts sandwich. It can be made in a variety of ways.

To make a family sized sandwich, get a round loaf of King Kamehameha bread. Slice the loaf in half horizontally. Layer cheese -- swiss, cheddar or havarti -- with cold cuts such as ham or turkey, and sprouts. If you like you can also add mayo and mustard, as well as sliced onion, tomatoes, pickles and whatever other types of items you like on your cold cut sandwich.

This may seem like a simple cold cuts sandwich, but the bread sets is apart. The Hawaiian King Kamehameha bread is a sweet sandwich bread and it contrasts nicely with the sliced meats and cheese. When making one of these sandwiches you should try to get freshly sliced cold cuts and cheese. The freshest ingredients make the best sandwiches.

Veggie Wrap
This simple sandwich is a delightful way to enjoy the fresh veggies of summer. It is also light and very refreshing, making it a great summer meal.

Spread a thin layer of hummus on a whole wheat wrap or tortilla. Layer sprouts, lettuce, sliced cucumber and red pepper on top of the wrap. Next, grate some carrots and drizzle a little bit of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Put the carrots on the wrap. Finish by rolling it up and enjoying.

Cream Cheese and Lox
This sandwich is a great way to enjoy smoked salmon. The best type of salmon for this sandwich is lox, a very lightly smoked salmon, but if you prefer more heavily smoked salmon that works as well.

Slice a plain or whole wheat bagel in half and lightly toast. Once the bagel is toasted, spread with a thin layer of cream cheese on one half. Place a layer of salmon over the cream cheese, then place a layer of very thinly sliced red onions and sprinkle with capers. Repeat with the second half and enjoy as an open faced sandwich.

This bagel sandwich is refreshing, light and extremely flavorful.

Each of these sandwiches is a delightful meal to enjoy during the summer. However, these are only three of thousands of sandwich recipes. Take the chance this summer to try some new cold sandwiches and enjoy your very favorite sandwiches.

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