Kid Approved Campfire Recipes

Old-fashioned Camping Cook-out

One hallmark of summer is the camping cookout. Whether you are just having a bonfire cookout at home or if you are enjoying the warmth of a campfire while camping, everyone loves to make some classic campfire recipes.

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
One of the most classic and most fun recipes for the campfire hat everyone can make is hot dogs and hamburgers. Have your parents get some good quality hot dogs and buns as well as some pre-made hamburgers and hamburger buns. You should also either purchase or make some long sticks for roasting hot dogs over the fire.

For the hot dogs, spear each person's hot dog with a long stick. Hold the hot dog over the flame and slowly turn the hot dog. Be sure to evenly heat the hot dog, you can tell that the dog is warm when the skin just begins to bubble. If you want an even more smokey flavor you can hold the hot dog over the flame until it browns.

Hamburgers should be made about the approximate same size. If you buy pre-made hamburgers, they will already be the same size. Brush a light coat of oil on the grill over the fire. Place the hamburgers on the grill and cook until done through. You must be sure that the hamburgers are completely cooked, you parents can help you determine when they are done.

You will also want to grill the buns, so they are warm and crisp on the inside. Spread butter on the buns and place over the hot grill. They do not need to cook as long as the hot dogs or hamburgers, so place them on the grill for about five minutes or so before the hamburgers and hot dogs are done cooking.

Corn on the Cob
Corn on the cob is another fun campfire food to make. You will need to use only the most fresh corn, it is best to purchase your corn at a local farm stand rather than at the grocery since the corn at the grocery has been picked for some time.

Peel back the husk, but do not remove. Pull out all of the corn silk, then replace the husk. You may not need all of the layers of the husk, but be sure to leave on at least a few layers to protect the corn from the fire. Place the corn in the fire under the coals and cook for a few minutes. You will have excellent, juicy, smokey corn on the cob to eat with your hamburgers and hot dogs.

The most classic campfire dessert are S'Mores. To make them you will need graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Break a graham cracker in half and place a piece of chocolate on one half of the cracker. With a good marshmallow roasting stick, roast your marshmallow over the fire, turning slowly until the marshmallow is brown all over. Place the marshmallow over the chocolate and put the other graham cracker half on top. Hold the sandwich firmly together and allow the chocolate to melt. Enjoy your S'More while the marshmallow is still warm and the chocolate is melted.

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