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Kids Crafts to Celebrate New Years

New Years is a great time for celebration. There are many activities the entire family can participate in to bring in 2012. Here are a few crafts that the whole family can enjoy to make this years New Years celebration one of the best yet.

New Years Garland

You can make your home feel more festive by decorating the house. One great decoration option is a New Years garland.

You will need:
Heavy craft paper, in different colors
Colored Pens and Pencils

First, you will need to cut the string into a long enough piece to stretch across a desired location. Next you can cut out a variety of shapes from the paper. These shapes will be hung from the garland, you will want to cut the shape with a tab on the top that can be folded over the string and glued. Using these shapes you will spell out "Happy New Year" or other New Years phrases. Make sure you cut out enough shapes to spell out your words and have any extras for decoration that you need.

Once you have your shapes cut out. Draw a letter on each piece of paper, draw the letters that spell out the words you are putting on the garland. When your letters are drawn you can decorate each letter with festive items, including glitter glue, sequins and more.

Finish by placing the pieces of paper over the string. Be sure to space the letters properly so it spells out your phrase. Then, fold the tabs over and glue the tab to the back of the paper as well as the string. Then hang your great New Years garland up for your excellent New Years celebration.

New Years Hat

If you are having a New Years party, you can have your guests and family create their own festive hats. These are a great way to bring in the New Year having lots of fun.

You will need:
Heavy colored craft paper
Colored pens or pencils
Fuzzy craft balls

Have each guest pick a piece of colored paper. Then each person will roll the paper into a cone shape. Use the tape or staples to keep the paper in the cone shape. Next you can decorate your hat however you think looks best. You can write "Happy New Year" on your hat, or decorate it with sparkly sequins and other items. Once finished, each person can wear their unique hat and have fun celebrating the New Year.
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