Ohio River Valley

Ohio River Valley

America's beautiful Ohio River Valley runs along the Eastern and Southern boarders of Ohio, dividing Ohio from West Virginia and Kentucky. Along this river valley you will find a wide range of amazing and unexpected experiences. You can enjoy fine art, beautiful architecture and live entertainment, as well as great recreation in some of the area's wilderness.

In Wheeling, West Virginia, along the Ohio River, you will find the beautiful Oglebay Resort. This resort features terrific sites like the Good Zoo, which has a wide range of wild and domestic animals. If you are more interested in outdoor activities you will find superb golfing opportunities through most of the year. During the winter Oglebay Resort has great opportunities for ski enthusiasts.

Also in West Virginia, visit Prabhupada's Palace of Gold. Located in New Vrindaban, this palace complex is like a little slice of India right in the United States. Srila Prabhupada’s devotees built the palace throughout the 1970s in his memory. Visitors can take tours of the Palace of Gold among other features and marvel at the amazing artistry of the construction.

Travelers to the Ohio River Valley who are looking forward to a little entertainment can take a ride on The Showboat Majestic. This is the last surviving showboat in the United States; it was first launched in 1923 and continues to float on the river to this day. On the Showboat Majestic you can float on the Ohio River while enjoying musicals and comedies.

Recreational opportunities abound in the Ohio River Valley. Bicyclers may choose to take a bike tour of Ohio, riding along the Ohio River Valley. Avid hikers will enjoy a day in the Wayne National Forest. Within this forest you can enjoy some remote hiking opportunities and you may even have the opportunity to see some of the wildlife found in the Midwest.

Serpent Mound State Memorial, found in Adams County, Ohio, is an amazing example of Prehistoric culture in the United States. The Serpent Mound is almost a quarter of a mile long and appears to represent an uncoiling serpent. It is also one of the best of these rare effigy mounds in the United States. Experts have proposed that the mound could have been built by the people of the Adena culture or by the Fort Ancient culture. Archeologists have also worked on nearby conical mounds which contained pieces from the Adena culture, dating from approximately 800BC to AD100.

Seekers of urban charms will love Cincinnati, which lies right on the Ohio River. In this vibrant city you can enjoy pro sports, all sorts of arts and culture, and the Cincinnati Zoo. In Cincinnati you can take in all sorts of performances, ranging from opera to Broadway to symphonies. The Cincinnati Art Museum has an amazing collection of art, and it has free admission every day. At the art museum you will find art by many of the old masters including Titian, Picasso, and Renoir. You can also view the galleries with art from ancient Egypt, the Far East, and Native American culture. Another great feature of the art museum is the examples of local art, art from Cincinnati's "Golden Age," and examples of Rookwood pottery, which originated in Cincinnati.