Leavenworth, WA – A Bavarian Wonderland

Leavenworth, WA – A Bavarian Wonderland

The beautiful little town of Leavenworth lies at the base of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Here visitors will find the full power of Washington’s natural beauty within the forests and wilderness areas. Leavenworth is particularly special because the entire town has adopted a Bavarian theme. Homes, shops, and restaurants all strive to make the town into a "little Germany" for visitors. A trip to Leavenworth will be filled with recreational activities, tours, and Bavarian themed adventures.

Outdoor Activities

Leavenworth and the surrounding area provide year-round recreational opportunities. The town is a great starting point for trips to Lake Wenatchee, the Wenatchee National Forest, and Alpine Lakes Wilderness and Glacier Peak Wilderness, where you can experience backcountry adventures. The summers are warm and the waters are pleasant.  Visitors and locals alike take part in many fun summer activities including camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, river rafting and tubing, birding, rock-climbing, and much more.

In the summer Leavenworth is a great spot to spend some time rock-climbing. Climbers will find crags and routes of differing lengths and difficulty. The rocks in the area make Leavenworth one of Washington’s best rock-climbing destinations. Many of these great rock-climbing spots are within 10 miles of town. Some of the popular spots are in Tumwater Canyon, Icicle Canyon, and the nearby Peshastin Pinnacles.


Summer in Leavenworth is also a great time to experience some agro-tourism. Visitors come from around the country to learn about the agriculture in the area. Washington is a leading producer of berries, fruits,and  especially organic pears. Agro-tourists can visit some of the berry farms and orchards to learn how the growing and picking is done, and they can taste a bit of the delicious produce.

Winter Visits

Winter in Leavenworth is particularly beautiful.  The town is covered in snow and during the holiday season visitors will have ample opportunity to experience Bavarian themed holidays. The snow throughout winter makes Leavenworth a fabulous getaway for winter activities as well as summer ones. Popular winter activities are Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, dog sledding, sleigh rides, and snowmobiling.

Throughout the town of Leavenworth, visitors will find different companies that offer lessons and guides for winter activities. Visitors interested in sleigh rides will find a variety of companies. Others provide dog sledding and some even offer backcountry skiing experiences. The region is a great spot for backcountry skiers since there is a variety of terrain and plenty of backcountry areas, including Icicle Creek and Chiwaukum Range. Nordic Skiing is also popular in Leavenworth. Skiers will find over 25 kilometers of groomed trails nearby. Skiers from around the country visit Leavenworth for the Nordic skiing.

Other Fun Activities

Beyond the recreational activities, Leavenworth has a few more interesting experiences to offer its visitors. The town has a variety of walking tours that focus on the towns Bavarian theme. There are many wineries throughout the region that offer tours and tastings. Nearby Cashmere, WA is home of the famous Aplets & Cotlets Factory and Country Store. The candy factory is open year-round and offers free tours.

Holidays in Leavenworth

The holiday season in Leavenworth is especially beautiful. Visitors will find concerts and plays, including a group that plays hand bells. The town has the yearly German Christmas Market, Kristkendlmarkt, and the Christmas Lighting Festival. After a day of fun in the snow visitors can return to the beautiful little town and have some fun with a Bavarian holiday experience.

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