Lovely Litchfield, Connecticut

Lovely Litchfield, Connecticut

Litchfield is located in the northwestern region of Connecticut. Litchfield has a reputation for its pastoral beauty and, even in the dead of winter, you will be delighted with images straight out of a painting. The pastoral beauty, abundant recreation, and delightful atmosphere come together to make Litchfield, Connecticut a fabulous destination for any traveler throughout the year.

This region is filled with a rich history. As you drive around the region, be sure to visit some of the covered bridges -- there are even two which you can still drive across. Bull's Bridge, which crosses the Housatonic River and dates all the way back to the Revolutionary War, has a delightful bit of lore associated with George Washington. The story goes that George Washington's own horse fell into the river near Bull's Bridge. There is even some documentation that confirms that there was an expensive rescue of a horse at Bull's Bridge Falls.

You can also enjoy the beauty of Connecticut's wildlife at amazing nature centers in the region. These nature centers don't just celebrate the beauty of the region's nature, they also preserve some of the area's great history. The Roxbury Land Trust preserves the site of a 19th-century iron ore mining operation.

Many of these nature centers have large trail systems, which allows visitors to get close to the nature of Connecticut while enjoying top-notch recreation. The White Memorial Foundation and Conservation Center has 4000 acres with 35 miles of trails which can be enjoyed throughout the year.  You can even cross-country ski in the winter. The Harry C. Barnes Memorial Nature Center has 70 acres in its sanctuary with many trails through diverse habitats.

Visitors who love recreation will find plenty of delights in this region. One great option, which is not to be missed, is the Appalachian Trail, which crosses this region of Connecticut. In winter, the Appalachian Trail offers many options for cross-country skiing. Spring is an amazing time to go rafting and kayaking. Fishers will absolutely love the summer in Litchfield where you can enjoy some great fly fishing options.

The Litchfield region is filled with terrific vineyards and farms. Springtime is when the farmers collect sap from the sugar maples to turn into maple syrup, candies, and other delicious maple confections. At Sweet Wind Farm Sugarhouse and Farm House, you can learn about how maple syrup is made and take tours of the farm, then purchase some of their delicious candies. The region also has orchards and varieties of farms with farm stands where you can enjoy fresh produce.

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