Discovering Kauai

Discovering Kauai

Kauai, also known as the Garden Isle is an absolutely amazing destination. The island is filled with the lush greenery that it gets its name from. Visitors will find sandy beaches, rainforests, beautiful aquatic life and much more. Kauai also has fun cities, culture and history. Visitors can enjoy shopping, dining, playing golf and much more.

Throughout the island there are many beaches, which visitors can enjoy a wide range of different activities. Some beaches are great for walking, sunbathing, picnicking. For visitors looking for something more on the recreational side Kauai also has great beaches for surfing, sailing, snorkeling, diving and of course swimming. Throughout the time that you enjoy these activities including the beautiful blue waters, the reefs, the tropical plants and much more.

One way to really enjoy all of the sights that the island has to offer is to take a helicopter tour of the island. From the air you can really see all of the natural wonder that Kauai has to offer. All of the places that are hard to access or you may not have time to reach by car or foot can be seen during a helicopter tour of the island. From the windows of a helicopter visitors to Kauai can see Mt. Waialeale, Waimea Canyon, the Napali Coast and much more.

Kauai is also a great place to enjoy some biking. In general the island isn't very hilly, its mostly flat, making it a great island to tour on bike. If  you are looking for something a bit more difficult take a ride up to Kokee State Park. Visitors to Kauai can really enjoy some of the sights up close during a ride around the island. Some of the landmarks you might see during a bike ride around the island includes Wailua Fall, Mahaulepu Beach, Moloaa Beach and much more.

Another fun adventure that visitors to Kauai can try is mountain tubing. On Kauai, in the interior of the island visitors can explore the Hanama'ulu ditch system by going for a tubing tour. The ditch system was built by the Lihue Sugar Plantation in order to bring water from Mt. Waileale to irrigate the sugar cane fields. Visitors to Kauai can ride down the ditches, through the flumes and tunnels, right through some of the more remote interior parts of Kauai's rainforests.

Kauai is also filled with amazing scuba diving spots. The blue waters around Kauai are filled with brightly colored tropical fish, fascinating reefs and you may even catch a glimpse of sea turtles, dolphins and whales. Beginners to experienced divers will find places to explore. There are options for boat dives, night dives, and other diving tours. Experienced divers can also explore the caves and lava tubes.

The Garden Isle also has a great selection of beautiful botanical gardens for visitors to enjoy. Many of these gardens have amazing collections of native Hawaiiian plants. Visitors can see palm trees, orchids, and much more. One of these gardens is McBryde Garden in the Lawa'i Valley, which is a Conservation and Horticulture Center and is also part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden. Another garden on Kauai is the Na 'Aina Kai Botanical Gardens has a particularly rare botanical garden, located on the north shore of Kauai. The garden covers 240 acres and has 13 amazing gardens, including a canyon with moss and fern, a beautiful beach and even a hardwood plantation.

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