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Discover the Secrets of Vernal, Utah and Dinosaur National Monument

Fossils, petroglyphs and amazing natural beauty.

Vernal, Utah and the nearby Dinosaur National Monument are a great destination for a camping trip. The town of Vernal is a beautiful small town with plenty of attractions to enjoy.  In addition, there are plenty of places nearby to enjoy recreation and camping.

The town of Vernal is located in the northeastern corner of Utah. To the north and west of Vernal is the Ashley National Forest. This national forest is over 1.3 million acres of forest land in Utah and Wyoming. To the east of Vernal is Dinosaur National Monument. Also in the region, the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and the Uinta Mountains. Throughout the region in and around Vernal there are countless opportunities to enjoy recreation, camping and more.

Visitors to Vernal will find all sorts of interesting places to explore in town. Vernal is located right in the heart of a region filled with evidence of the prehistory of the United States. The Utah Field House of Natural History Museum is a great spot to learn about the different dinosaurs and animals that inhabited the area long ago. In addition, the shops in the town of Vernal are great for finding souvenirs to remember the regions history. Other great places to visit in and near Vernal are the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer Museum and the Dry Forks Petroglyphs.

Of course, Dinosaur enthusiasts won't want to miss a trip to the nearby Dinosaur National Monument. Throughout this park there are many sights and places to visit that offer glimpses into the past. In addition, many of these places to go also offer excellent recreation.

The Harpers Corner Area in Dinosaur National Monument is in the Colorado side of the National Monument. Visitors to these area can take a scenic drive, which is a great way to see the canyon country part of the area. There are places to view scenic overlooks of the Green River Canyon and the Yampa River Canyon. This region also has plenty of hiking trails, where visitors have to opportunity to see fossils in the same spot they have been for centuries.

Another fascinating area in the National Monument is the Cub Creek area in Utah. This region is filled with trails to enjoy hiking on. On these trails there are petroglyphs, pictographs, and even structures for more recent history when the area was homesteaded. Also on the Utah side of the monument is the Jones Hole Creek area. This area also has pictographs, and it is a great place to enjoy some fishing. In fact, the Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery raises rainbow and other species of trout to stock areas in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

The Rainbow Park and Island Park area in Utah is an excellent region in the park for recreation. Visitors can see much of the most beautiful geologic features in the Dinosaur National Monument. There are plenty of opportunities for river rafting trips on the Green River. While enjoying the geology and recreation in this portion of the park, visitors can find a historic ranch, and plenty of petroglyphs.

Throughout Dinosaur National Monument there are plenty of opportunities for recreation. The park is great for camping, biking, hiking, rafting and more. Biking enthusiasts will be able to find maintained dirt roads, excellent for bicycling. The remoteness of the park makes for great backcountry camping, and it is also an excellent place to enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

Hiking is a fabulous way to truly explore the park. Many trails are easily accessible from the visitor centers and paved roads. However, for those visitors that enjoy more remote and difficult conditions, will find plenty of trails in the more remote parts of the park.

River rafting is another really fun activity to enjoy in Dinosaur National Monument. The Green River and the Yampa River both pass through the monument. Both rivers provide stunning views of the remote and beautiful areas of the park. River rafting offers visitors unparalleled views into the park, while enjoying the excitement of river rapids. The Green River has some amazingly difficult rapids between the Gates of Lodore and Split Mountain. Warm Springs Rapid among others is a tricky rapid on the Yampa River.

Vernal and Dinosaur National Monument give visitors an opportunity to take a glimpse into the ancient history of this region of our country. The area is filled with amazing fossils, prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. There are many ways to experience this history, at museums or in the wild. Vernal provides visitors with the museums and Dinosaur National Monument allows visitors to discover this part of history while enjoying some world class recreation.