Camping Gem | Coastal Rhode Island

History, Sailing and Fishing - Experience Coastal Rhode Island

Rhode Island's plentiful coastline is a real camping gem. All along the miles of coast you will find all sorts of different activities to enjoy. For the more adventurous, Rhode Island offers many opportunities for off-shore saltwater fishing, and for those seeking a bit more relaxation, there are miles of stunning beaches to enjoy a day in the sand and sun.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about the coast is sandy beaches, sun and clear blue waters. The miles of coastline on Rhode Island offer all of these things to its visitors. Many of Rhode Island's beaches are perfect for enjoying all of the summer coast activities that you look forward to on vacation. The sandy beaches are ideal for talking long walks on the beach, playing in the sand and building sand castles. Of course, Rhode Island's beaches are also an excellent place to enjoy all sorts of exciting water sports.

The ocean coastline on Rhode Island is perfect for water sports like surfing, body surfing and more. Experienced swimmers and water sport enthusiasts can explore the many varied types of coastline on Rhode Island. Less experienced swimmers may want to stay within Narragansett Bay, where the waters are more protected because of the breakwater. Narragansett Bay is also a great spot to have fun snorkeling, kayaking and of course boating.

Rhode Island is famous for its sailing history. This state hosted the America's Cup for years, and has earned its reputation as a sailing destination. For travelers that have their own boat, Rhode Island is an ideal destination, with all of the islands within Narragansett Bay to explore and of course the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. You can also take a charter a boat trip. There are many options for charter boating, including tours of the Bay, and fishing trips.

In addition to being a destination for sailing, Rhode Island is also known for its excellent fishing. On the coast you can enjoy a wide variety of saltwater fishing. The protection of the bay and shorelines create excellent bottom fishing opportunities.. The in-shore and rock casting are also excellent in Rhode Island. Fishing enthusiasts travel to Rhode Island for the bluefin tuna, striped bass, swordfish and more. Rhode Island also offers excellent offshore fishing, and one great way to enjoy this experience is to takeĀ  a charter fishing trip. The captains of the charter boats have a wealth of local knowledge and experience to make sure you have a great trip.

Walking and hiking on the many trails along Rhode Island's coast is another way to enjoy all of the fun of the coast. The Cliff Walk on the eastern shore of Newport is a great option for those visiting the city. Not only does the walk pas through a historic district, but it travels along impressive cliffs, and provides the chance to experience some of Rhode Island's more rugged coastline.

Another hiking option is the Coastal Nature Trail. You can explore much of Rhode Island's coastline and different regions on the trails of the Coastal Nature Trail. This trail will show you much of the diversity of Rhode Island's coastline, from bulges to freshwater wetlands. The Coastal Nature Trail also has some points of historical significance, inkling Fort Adams and much more.

The coastal town in Rhode Island are also another fantastic way to enjoy all that the coast has to offer. Within these towns there are resorts, golf courses, delicious dining and shopping. If you love antiquing there are small town on the coast perfect for spending some time exploring the state's antiques. Rhode Island's coastal towns also have plenty of museums and family oriented attractions.

No matter what type of coastal experience you are looking for, there is something for you on the miles of seashore in Rhode Island. There are sandy beaches, stunning cliffs, rugged trails, exhilarating fishing and much, much more. Coastal Rhode Island is the perfect destination for an adventure filled or a simple relaxing vacation.