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The historic city of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is an ideal vacation destination for families. Gettysburg is a real gem and not just because of it's importance in US history. Visitors to Gettysburg will enjoy all sorts of activities, from Battlefield Tours to exploring haunted houses and beyond.

This city was around long before the Battle of Gettysburg, and visitors have an opportunity to discover over 200 years of history in the city. However, the city is best known for the part it played during the Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg took place on July 1-3 of 1863 and was the site of the historic Gettysburg Address given by President Lincoln.

Visitors should make Gettysburg National Military Park a first top on any trip to Gettysburg. This national park provides visitors with a look back in time to the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War. The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center is a good starting point for visiting the park. The museum has an impressive collection of exhibits about Gettysburg during the Civil War. After learning about this spot's significance, visitors can take a tour of the battlefield, including bus tour options as well as self-guided auto tours. the Living History programs  at Gettysburg National Military Park are another fun point of interest.

After spending time exploring Gettysburg National Military Park, visitors will still have plenty of attractions to explore. The city of Gettysburg is filled with museums including the David Wills House in downtown Gettysburg which has excellent exhibits on President Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address, the International Museum of Spiritual Investigations and much more.

Visitors to Gettysburg will also find plenty of examples of living history. Throughout the town there are historic figures. As visitors wander through the streets and explore the museums, they will discover important figures to teach them what life was like in historic Gettysburg. Some of the museums even have living history guides.

Beyond the rich access to history throughout Gettysburg, visitors will find that is is an excellent destination to enjoy recreation and the beautiful Pennsylvania scenery. Throughout the region there are trails, which offer excellent walking, hiking, and some are even open for horseback tours. In addition, Gettysburg offers visitors access to a few excellent golf courses.

One of Gettysburg's greatest draws for visitors, beyond the history of the Battle of Gettysburg, is its reputation for paranormal activity. One of the most haunted cities in the nation, Gettysburg has paranormal tours all year. The Halloween season is especially good for taking paranormal tours, as there are special tours throughout the city. Some of the most haunted places in Gettysburg include the Jennie Wade House, the Farnsworth House Inn and more.

Gettysburg is an excellent city to enjoy a vacation. Throughout the city there many places of historical significance. Best known for the Battle of Gettysburg and President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, this city allows visitors to learn important aspects of US history by exploring historic sites and living history displays. Visitors can also enjoy the wide variety of museums and recreational opportunities. Of course, the bloody past of Gettysburg has given it a reputation for paranormal activity, and is an great spot for ghost hunters and enthusiast of haunted destinations.


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