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Morro Bay is a beautiful coastal city in southern California. The community is filled with fantastic attractions for visitors to enjoy. In addition to the fascinating community, Morro Bay also has an amazing National Estuary, and a great bird festival.

The most obvious distinguishing festival of Morro Bay is the dome shaped rock in the bay.  The dome shaped rock, Morro Rock, is the remnant of a volcanic peak that was formed over 20 million years ago. Now the rock is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Morro Rock is also a preserve, with peregrine falcons nesting on the rock.

Morro Bay also has a magnificent estuary. Visitors to Morrow Bay will have a wonderful time enjoying the wide variety of bird species that are preserved in the Morro Bay National Estuary. The habitat provides a home to more than 200 different species of bird. Morro Bay also has a world class bird festival each year.

The Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival is held annually in January, over Martin Luther King Weekend. It is a huge event for birders and each year hosts hundreds of people coming to learn about the regions birds. Morro Bay is located in southern California, between San Francisco and Los Angeles. There is access to amazing bird habitats, and over the weekend of the Bird Festival there are often sightings of hundreds of different species. This festival has a wide variety of events for birders of all skill levels. Registration for this popular festival opens in October, so be sure to register early.

In addition to having great birding opportunities, Morro Bay also offers much more to entertain visitors. The community has more annual events that visitors will love, including Kite Fest in April, the Arts in the Park Fair over Memorial Day weekend, the Avocado and Margarita Festival in September and many more. In fact, Morro Bay has events and festivals throughout the year for visitors to enjoy during their time in the city.

Visitors to the community of Morro Bay will also love learning all about the rich fishing history of the Bay. In fact, the town had one of the largest commercial fishing fleets in the state of California. Visitors can also enjoy the great fresh seafood served in restaurants in the town.

Morro Bay is a fabulous beach destination for a fun California vacation. The town has beautiful resorts. The community has fun shopping, delicious restaurants, and much more. All of the fun visitors will have during their trip, is within view of the stunning views of Morro Bay and the estuary.

In addition, Morro Bay is an excellent destination for recreation. The beautiful scenery and lovely weather make it a great place to enjoy all different types of outdoor activities. The Bay offers whale watching, cruises, kayaking, surfing, diving, fishing and more. Morro Bay also has fabulous opportunities for hiking, biking and much more.

Morro Bay, California is a beautiful destination for a sunny beach vacation. The community has plenty to offer visitors, including festivals, recreation, bird watching and much more. Visitors to Morro Bay will have a wonderful time exploring all that the area has to offer.


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