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Visit Freeport, Maine and Hit the LL Bean Store

The site of the LL Bean Flagship store might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you are planning a trip. However, Freeport, Maine is a fabulous vacation destination. As the home of the LL Bean Flagship store and other fun shopping options, the city is considered to be a great shopping destination and could be a good fit for shopping enthusiasts and recreation buffs.

Freeport's biggest attraction is the LL Bean Flagship store. This store is open all day and every day throughout the year. In addition to being able to shop all of the stores' high quality outdoor wear and sturdy clothing items. the LL Bean store offers some fabulous adventures through the LL Bean Store.

The LL Bean Store adventures are called "Walk-On Adventures and are a fabulous option for visitors to Freeport to experience new recreational activities in a fun and safe environment. Everything in these adventures is provided, except for the good attitude and willingness to have fun. Some of the adventure options include fishing, archery, kayaking and others.

Freeport has many other recreational options as well as shopping and other fun activities. After visitors have has their fill with all that the LL Bean Flagship store has to offer, visitors can spend some time exploring the village of Freeport and the nearby attractions.

The village of Freeport has many more fun shopping options in addition to the LL Bean Flagship store. No matter what visitors like to shop for, they will find it in Freeport. There are antiques, yarn, jewelry, thrift stores, boutiques and much more. Of course, after a long day of shopping there is nothing better than finding a delicious little restaurant serving the delicious Lobster Maine is known for.

Freeport is also home to the famous Desert of Maine. Visitors will be fascinated by this unique destination. Once a farm, the Desert of Maine is 40 acres of exposed glacial silt, making the land look just like a desert. Visitors can take tours of the unique destination, learn about how the Desert was formed and the rest of the fascinating history of the attraction.

Visitors to Freeport looking for a more recreational experience should first stop at the Mast Landing Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary protects a variety of Maine habitats and ecosystems. There are fields, an apple orchard, an evergreen forest, salt marsh, all attracting different types of birds to the protected area. Visitors to Mast Landing can walk through these different habitats on the marked trails, all the while keeping an eye out for the many different types of birds that make the Sanctuary their home.

Another excellent recreational destination near Freeport is Wolfe's Neck State Park. The park allows visitors to see some of the natural habitat of the region, including open fields and marshes. Wolfe's Neck State Park also protects some beautiful shorelines, on Casco Bay and the Harraseeket River. Not only do visitors have a chance to see the natural beauty of the land and shorelines of Maine, but the park's beautiful habitat is a great destination for hiking, biking and more.

Freeport, Maine and the LL Bean Flagship store are a great Maine destination. Visitors have to start by exploring the Flagship store of the popular retailer LL Bean. While finding all sorts of outdoor clothing at the store, visitors can also sign up for the outdoor activities that the store puts on. After enjoying the shopping in Freeport, visitors can explore other regional destinations like the Desert of Maine and Wolfe's Neck State Park. The little village of Freeport, Maine is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and shoppers alike, and everyone is sure to find something enjoyable to do during a stay.