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Take a Detour to See American Folk Legend Paul Bunyun Landmarks

Paul Bunyan is an American folk legend. State's throughout the country have their own Paul Bunyan landmarks, including statues of Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, and even giant footprints. Paul Bunyan enthusiasts can drive across the US just searching for all of the different landmarks. Here are a few of the notable Paul Bunyan landmarks that can be found throughout the country.

Paul Bunyan Statue, Bangor, ME
Bangor claims to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan. To mark this important distinction Bangor has a statue of Paul Bunyan that stands over 30 feet. Visitors to Bangor can learn about the connection to the character while viewing the gigantic statue.

Paul Bunyan Festival, Oscoda, MI
Oscoda, Michigan hosts the Paul Bunyan Festival each year at the end of August. During the festival visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the great story of Paul Bunyan. The festival's activities include a chainsaw carving contest, a Lumberjack show and an antique car show. If you want to stay longer than the three days of the festival, the area has lots of other activities to offer. The nearby AuSable River and Lake Huron provide many recreational options for all visitors.

Paul Bunyan Land, Brainerd, MN
This Minnesota theme park really exemplifies the Paul Bunyan landmarks. Visitors will find over 35 rides and attractions. The park has a mine tour, a ferris wheel, roller coaster. In addition there is a miniature logging run, and a Pioneer village filled with fascinating antiques. Of course, Paul Bunyan Land also has the largest talking and animated Paul Bunyan statue.

Paul Bunyan and Babe at Castle Rock, St. Ignace, MI
Michigan has plenty of Paul Bunyan statues. This statue is unique since Bunyan is sitting rather than standing. The statues are also located at the base of Castle Rock, which is a unique geological formation. From the lookout on Castle Rock, you can see Lake Huron and Mackinac Island. Before climbing up to see the view from Castle Rock, you can stop and take a look at the giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe.

Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway, MN
The beautiful Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway is 54 miles of good road winding through Minnesota. Visitors to the byway will enjoy the scenery, the interpretive kiosks, the recreation and more all while celebrating the tale of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. Throughout a trip along the Scenic Byway, there are plenty of places to learn about the variety of legends associated with the giant lumberjack. This Byway is the only one in the country named after, and dedicated to a fictional legend.

Paul Bunyan Statue, Bemidji, MN
Some say that the thousand lakes in Minnesota, where created by Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox as they passed over the land. One of the most famous Paul Bunyan statues is located in Bemidji, Minnesota. This statue is 18-feet tall and also has a Babe the Blue Ox.

Trees of Mystery, Klamath, CA
Visitors to Klamath, California should take some time to see the Trees of Mystery, and the giant statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox that welcome visitors to the attraction. The Trees of Mystery tour highlights some of the amazing and oddly shaped trees that can be found in the area.

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