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Oregon's National Wild and Scenic Rogue River

Oregon is filled with beautiful destinations, one of these amazing destinations is the Rogue River. This river, located in southwestern Oregon flows through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the state. In addition it provides amazing recreational opportunities.

The Rogue River flows for over 215 miles from Crater Lake and flowing out into the Pacific Ocean. In order to protect part of this amazing river, the Federal Government designated a portion of the Rogue River as a "National Wild and Scenic" River. Visitors to this river will find that it passes through mountains, forests, rock-lined banks and more rugged terrain.

Through this wild and protected terrain, visitors will have many opportunities to enjoy amazing recreational opportunities as well as enjoy some amazing wildlife viewing. Many different species of animals and birds live in this area. Due to the wild and rugged nature of the terrain that the river flows through, it is possible to see many of these different species. Travelers on the Rogue River can see black bears, black-tail deer, bald eagles, salmon, river otters and many more.

A large portion of the Rogue River flows through the Rogue River - Siskiyou National Forest. This nationally protected forest covers over 1.8 million acres and preserves habitat for many of the species seen on the River. These forest also provide a great destination for backcountry recreation. There are also hundreds of miles of trails throughout the forest, which are great for hiking, biking and even winter sports.

The Rogue River is perhaps best known for its amazing whitewater rafting and excellent salmon fishery. Visitors to the Rogue Rive and southwestern Oregon can find many different options for enjoying the rafting on the river. Throughout the area there are guides that offer rafting trips for people of different skill level. Skilled rafters and kayakers can make there own rafting trips.

For the less experienced whitewater rafter finding a guide is essential. These guides are experienced in the skills required for rafting, they have all of the necessary equipment, and they know the river and its rapids. These rafting trips can extend for a few hours, a full day, or maybe even longer if desired.

The Rogue River has rapids from Class two through Class four, making it great for both experienced and inexperienced rafters. On a rafting trip with a guide the Rogue River rapids are a lot of fun, and the trip also has a lot of pleasant floating allowing many opportunities to spot the different species of wildlife and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Fishing is another popular activity to enjoy on the Rogue River. This river is famous for its excellent salmon fishery, and there are also other species of fish. The Rogue River is actually the main fishery for the region, but the protected areas of the river are great for recreational fishing. Not only does the river have numerous fish, but it is surrounded by beautiful scenery, making it an ideal fishing destination.  People traveling to the Rogue River to fish should be sure to obtain the proper permits before heading out on the river to fish.

The beautiful Rogue River in Oregon has been and continues to be an important resource in the southwestern region of the state. A large portion of the beautiful river has been protected and the land that the river passes through is also protected as a National Forest. The protected nature of the land makes it a great recreational destination. The scenery is beautiful, the river is full of fish, the rapids are accessible and fun, and the wildlife is abundant. This river is an excellent Oregon destination for those travelers seeking a wonderful and varied outdoor experience.

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