Camping Gem | Long Beach, Washington

Summer Fun in Long Beach, Washington

If you and your family are looking for a wonderful beach destination this summer, check out Long Beach in Washington. Although beautiful throughout the year, Washington is at its very best during the summer. The weather never gets unbearably hot, and after the long rainy season, much of the vegetation remains lush and vibrant during the summer. For an ideal ocean vacation in Washington, Long Beach is an excellent option.

Visitors to Long Beach will find a long list of activities to enjoy while taking a relaxing vacation. The town has many attractions to visit as well as lots of beach to explore. The primary attraction that Long Beach and all of the other towns along the Long beach peninsula are the miles of beaches. These beaches are great for exploring on a hot summer day. With the cool breezes from the ocean, Long Beach is a great ocean destination for the summer time.

Although there are miles of coastline in Long Beach, visitors should be aware that these beaches are not appropriate for summing. Even on the hottest days when the extremely cold water of the ocean would be perfect, swimming is still not and option. The ocean in this spot has powerful rip tides, which are dangerous even for waders. Other water sports are also not recommended for visitors to Long Beach. Only the most experienced surfers and body borders can even attempt to deal with the strong tides.

Even though the beaches aren't good for swimming there are plenty of other fun activities to enjoy. The windy beaches are excellent for flying kites. The beaches at Long Beach are also great for exploring, having a bonfire, and even drive on some sections of the beach. Long Beach isn't just a great spot for outdoor recreation, there are also plenty of local destinations worth exploring.

One of the first stops should be the Long Beach Boardwalk. This destination is one way to see the beautiful beach. The Boardwalk is almost a half mile long, and is a fantastic short walk from downtown Long Beach. Along the Boardwalk visitors can see the grassy dunes and even lean about the area from the interpretive displays.

After enjoying the Boardwalk, visitors can enjoy some of the other fun activities. The Long Beach area is filled with interesting museums, great for exploring, including the Cranberry Museum. Visitors to Long Beach can also take self-guided farm tours of a Cranberry Farm. Long Beach visitors can also enjoy a variety of tours and stop at many other points of interest, especially the beautiful Olympic National Park.

Long Beach, Washington is an excellent summer destination. Visitors will love exploring the entire peninsula and all of the towns as well as exploring the miles of beach stretching north and south of the town. Long Beach has plenty to entertain all visitors, including arts, entertainment, recreation and more. Overall, the cool ocean air and wonderful beaches make Long Beach an ideal summer Washington destination.