Camping Gem | Saratoga Race Season 2011

Saratoga Springs, New York Race Season

Each summer people flock to the Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, New York for the start of the forty day Saratoga Race season. Horses, trainers and spectators come from around the state, country and world to enjoy these races featuring some of the best horses in the world.

The 2011 racing season starts on July 22 and ends on Labor Day, September 5. The racing season lasts for forty days, with racing six days a week. There are no races on Tuesdays. In previous years the racing season only lasted for thirty-six days, but it has been extended due to its popularity.

Races are held each day of the racing season. These races feature some of the very best horses. Horses are brought from around the country, and with them are some of theĀ  world's very best trainers, as well as owners, jockeys and many spectators. Saratoga's biggest event of the racing season is the $ 1 million Travers Stakes. This year will be the 142nd Travers Stakes, which will be run on August 27th. Many of the horses that participate in the Travers Stakes are three year-old horses coming out of the Triple Crown races.

Associated with each of the special events, and especially the Travers Stakes is plenty of tradition and fun. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in all of the historic traditions and fun that are associated with each days event. Some other events include the Hats Off to Saratoga and the Annual Hat Contest, the Party at the Spa, the Final Stretch Festival and many more. All of these events have many fun activities for the visitors to participate in.

Saratoga Race Course has some long standing traditions that it is best to know before visiting the track. Each section of the course, and different events have different dress codes. At times the dress code is at the discretion of the track owners, and at other times it is as simple as shirt and shoes. Visitors to the track should check the dress code for the section where they will be seating before coming o the track.

Another long standing tradition is the reserving of seats with a newspaper. In the grandstands visitors have, and the track also recognizes, the right to place a paper or program on a seat and have that spot be saved. In addition, visitors can come early to reserve a picnic table and leave after the breakfast, and be able to return later to use the picnic table for lunch.

During the days of the Saratoga Racing Season Saratoga Springs fills up with visitors and has plenty of fun throughout the city in addition to the racing. Visitors will find plenty of other activities to enjoy during a stay in Saratoga Springs including recreational activities nearby and all of the fun of the town. The downtown area has plenty of funĀ  shops and galleries.

Saratoga Springs fills up with world class horses, trainers, jockeys and spectators during the forty day racing season. Throughout these forty days there are many fun events, races and event things to enjoy in the surrounding city. Visitors to the area during these season are sure to have a fantastic trip between all of the fun at the arcs and the delights of the town.