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Hidden Rhode Island

Coastal Nature Trail

One fantastic Rhode Island hiking option is the Coastal Nature Trail. Travelers can explore much of Rhode Island's coastline and different regions on the trails of the Coastal Nature Trail. This trail showcases much of Rhode Island's coastal diversity, from This trail will show you much of the diversity of Rhode Island's coastline, from bluffs to freshwater wetlands. The Coastal Nature Trail also has some points of historical significance, including Fort Adams and much more.

Block Island and Mohegan Bluffs

Block Island is just a short ferry ride away from the coast of Rhode Island. The island features amazing bluffs, beautiful hills and plenty of opportunities for recreation. Located on the southern end of Block Island, the Mohegan Bluffs are coastal cliffs, which drop about 200 feet into the ocean. Visitors to Block Island can explore the trail system on the island, the beaches and much more.

Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor

This National Heritage Corridor preserves the Blackstone River corridor, which stretches from Worcester, Massachusetts to Providence, Rhode Island. This area is rich in history, and visitors to the National Heritage corridor have the opportunity to learn all about the influence this region had on the Industrial Revolution, the first successful textile mill and more. Visitors to this area can explore Pawtucket and the original Slater Mill, Whitinsville and the Whitin Machine Company, Worcester and many other attractions throughout the area.

Roger Williams National Memorial

This park and and memorial commemorates the importance and contributions Roger Williams made to Rhode Island and the cause of religious freedom. The park is located in Providence and is a great jumpy off point to explore the city. Visitors will find exhibits, a short film and a park. Within the park, visitors will be exploring the site of the first European settlement in Providence as well as a fresh-water spring. There are also a many nearby attractions, including the Touro Synagogue and Smith's Castle

Narragansett Bay

Visitors to Rhode Island will be delighted with all of the activities to be enjoyed and all of the scenic beauty of Narragansett Bay. The beautiful and protected waters of the bay make it an ideal spot to enjoy water recreation, including sailing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and more. Visitors will also find that the shores of Narragansett Bay have plenty of villages to enjoy learning about the history of Rhode Island, sightsee, relax, shop, dine-out and more.

The North South Trail

Rhode Island's North South Trail stretches for over 70 miles through some of the State's more rural destinations. Hikers can enjoy the varied terrain, including woodlands, farmland and more. The North South Trail travels through eight towns, through forested land, and is an excellent opportunity to learn more about rural Rhode Island while enjoying some beautiful outdoor recreation. In addition, parts of the North South Trail are also excellent for mountain biking, horseback riding and other outdoor recreation.
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