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Antiques, beaches and nature trails.  Explore Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is a beautiful resort community, that welcomes thousands of visitors looking to enjoy the beaches and small town feel during the summer. However, it is a great destination year round, with plenty to do and see. Visitors can enjoy Cape May while hiking the nature trails, or relaxing on the beach, or spending time exploring the historic downtown. Cape May has something to offer every visitor.

Cape May is actually a cape stretching into Delaware Bay, but a canal was dug from Cape May's Harbor to Delaware Bay making it an island. Visitors to Cape May can of course enjoy the water and beaches, as well as resorts, but there are many other things to do while enjoying the city. Cape May is also a fantastic spot to enjoy some outdoor recreation, visitors will find nature trails, dolphin watching tours, fishing and much more.

Visitors to Cape May are sure to notice the tower of the Cape May Light House. This attraction is located within Cape May State Park. Visitors to Cape May will learn that this lighthouse is located on the southern tip of New Jersey and has a long history of being an important aid to sailors. The view from the top of the Cape May Light House is also spectacular and is a fantastic destination for all visitors.

There are also many options for delicious dining within the city, including fresh seafood, or teat the Carriage House Tearoom and Cafe. Cape May also hosts a wide variety of festivals celebrating different food and dining options. Each September visitors can try a wide variety of foods and wine at the Cape May Food & Wine Festival. In October, visitors can enjoy Oktoberfest.

Cape May is also a fantastic spot to enjoy a wide variety of antiquing and shopping. The downtown district is filled with wonderful shops to be enjoyed. In addition there are many options for antiquing. The town even has a variety of festivals for antiques and crafts throughout the year.

The whole town of Cape May is actually a National Historic District. Visitors can enjoy hundreds of preserved Victorian buildings. Those travelers interested in the architecture of these historic buildings can take tours of historic homes, or can stay in a Victorian Bed and Breakfast. Trolley tours of downtown Cape May are another way for visitors to enjoy the historic architecture and feel of the town.

At Sunset Beach on Cape May visitors can see much more than the beautiful beach. Just off shore is the wreck of the U.S.S. Atlantus, one of the concrete ships built during World War I. During this period there was a shortage of steel, so engineers designed and built ships from concrete. This design was not longer used after steel became available after the end of the war. The U.S.S. Atlantus was towed to Cape May, and in 1926 the ship broke loose from its moorings and was grounded during a storm. None of the attempts made to move the ship failed and today visitors can see what is left of the concrete ship at Sunset Beach.

Cape May is filled with attractions of interest to all types of visitors. Throughout the year there are fun destinations to explore, festivals to enjoy, and much more. Cape May is a great year-round destination, offering visitors history, fun and relaxation.
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