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ice-age-trailThe Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a fantastic way to experience the state of Wisconsin. Stretching for almost 1,200 miles, starting at Potawatomi State Park all the way to Interstate State Park. Visitors will learn all about the Ice Age Glacier that covered most of North America. The trail is excellent for day hikes as well as longer hikes covering more of the trail.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail was created to preserve the evidence and understand the evidence of glaciers throughout Wisconsin. Travelers on the trail can pass by six of nine different Scientific Reserve Units. Each unit preserves and protects a different example of glaciation in Wisconsin. These units include, Two Creeks Buried Forest, Kettle Moraine, Cross Plains, Devil's Lake, Chippewa Moraine and Interstate State Park.

Visitors to the Ice Age Scenic Trail will enjoy a wide variety of hiking opportunities. The trail is great for day hikes, as well as extended trips. Some hikers can even travel the entire length of the trail across Wisconsin. Taking this extended hike allows travelers to truly experience the nature, geology, wildlife and beauty of the state.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail showcases all different types of evidence of the Ice Age glacier that covered most of North America. Wisconsin's many lakes, hills, rivers, valleys and more are fantastic evidence of the glacier. While recreating on the trail, travelers can hike, backpack, birdwatching, observe nature, cross-country skiing, stargazing, fishing, hunting and more.

Travelers an also enjoy camping on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Certain areas are open for camping and in other areas the camping is limited to certain designated areas. In addition, travelers on the trail can also enjoy hunting and fishing. Visitors should be sure to check on which areas are open for hunting and fishing, and be sure to get the appropriate licenses.

In addition to the many opportunities for outdoor recreation, there are also destinations where travelers can learn about the trail. Visitors will find interpretive centers throughout the different units along the trail. These interpretive centers have information about the glacier and the geology of Wisconsin.

Throughout the miles of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail there are many different activities and destinations to enjoy. Visitors can take long hikes, short hikes, enjoy fishing or hunting, camping and much more. This destination is not only a great way to enjoy Wisconsin, it is also a fantastic opportunity to see the history of the state's geology.
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