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Visit Historic St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans

st louis cemetary new orleans louisianaNew Orleans is a city brimming over with its history and unique culture. Visitors will find an enormous variety of attractions to enjoy and learn about the fascinating history. Visitors can tour the French Quarter, eat delicious beignets, and much more. One of the most interesting destinations are the historic cemeteries of New Orleans.

The city has three cemeteries with the name of St. Louis. St. Louis #1 is the oldest of the three cemeteries, it replaced an older cemetery. As the above ground cemetery filled, St. Louis #2 and #3 were created. St. Louis #1 was opened in 1789, and most of its burial spots are above ground vaults.

Above ground vaults are a tradition fairly unique to New Orleans. The type of ground that New Orleans is located on, makes it unsuitable for below ground burials. Out of necessity, the people of New Orleans began creating the amazing above ground vaults and mausoleums found in the St. Louis Cemeteries. These vaults and tombs are amazing examples of the architecture of the time. They have beautiful decoration and embellishment, honoring those whose final resting places are within the vaults.

Visitors to New Orleans can take tours of these cemeteries, to see the many famous people who are buried within these tombs, as well as admire the beautiful architecture and marvel at the fascinating "Cities of the Dead." Guided tours of the cemeteries are a good way to see some of the best sites, and learn about the rich history of this destination.

There are many tour options for visitors of New Orleans to take advantage of. Some of these tours are walking tours, others offer night tours and much more. Each of these tours offer a significant window into the history and culture of the city. St. Louis Cemetery #1 is the final resting place of figures like Home Plessy of the historic Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court decision, as well as Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. St. Louis Cemetery #2 and #3 also have the burial sites of many other famous New Orleans residents. Visitors to New Orleans should know that St. Louis #1 is considered to be an extremely haunted site, and during the Halloween season there are many tours for people to learn about its spooky history.

After exploring the rich history of the St. Louis Cemeteries visitors to New Orleans can take time to visit Bourbon Street or walk from the cemetery to the French Quarter. For those that take a tour of the cemetery, they may learn about other great tour options. Visitors should keep an eye out for swamp tours, which offer an amazing view into the nature and wildlife of the region, and can offer a look at a real live alligator.
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