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Explore New Mexico's Hatch Valley and Chile Festival


Hatch Valley, New Mexico | the chili capital of the world

Hatch, New Mexico is a wonderful destination for visitors to enjoy the wonders of chiles. Each year at the end of summer this town puts on the Hatch Chile Festival. This two-day festival highlights the most famous crop of the region, chiles. Visitors to this region can enjoy plenty of fun activities, an opportunity to learn about chiles, and of course plenty of chiles to eat.

The primary industry of the Hatch Valley is agriculture. Farmers in the region grow a wide variety of crops, including onions, pecans, potatoes and many other types of crops. However, the most famous of these crop is the chile. In order to celebrate and enjoy this crop, people from around the region and across the nation come to the Hatch Chile Festival.

Hatch Chili Festival

Held each Labor Day weekend, the Hatch Chile Festival is a fun way to celebrate the past summer. Throughout the two days of this festival there are many events for the whole family to enjoy. The festival kicks off with a parade and after that the fun continues.

Visitors are sure to enjoy the variety of local music, including local bands, high school music groups and more. Another excellent event visitors may want to join are the Chile Toss or one of the eating contests, which includes a Chile Eating Contest and a Watermelon Eating Contest.

Throughout the days of the festival there are a variety of events to be enjoyed at leisure. For adults there is a Beer Garden which features local breweries, including the High Desert Brewing Company. Visitors should also be sure to enjoy the carnival, and the arts show. Of course the real feature not to be missed is the food vendors. At this festival visitors can enjoy many different and creative chile dishes. For the chile enthusiast, the food vendors at this event are a must.

The festival concludes with a Chile Festival Auction. Of course even after the festival concludes there are plenty of other activities to be enjoyed nearby. The town of Hatch features some local restaurants and shops. In addition visitors can also make reservations for a preview tour of the nearby Spaceport America.

Hatch Valley, New Mexico Outdoor Activities

New Mexico is also a wonderful destination to enjoy some outdoor recreation. Visitors can explore nearby state parks, which include Percha Dam State Park and Elephant Butte Lake State Park. Percha Dam State Park is known for its amazing bird watching. The park is quite and often uncrowded, making it a wonderful destination for a quite getaway.

Elephant Butte Lake

This lake is one of the most popular and the largest lake in the state. Visitors to this fantastic park can enjoy plenty of water recreation, including boating, swimming, fishing and much more. There are also plenty of opportunities for hiking, with trails. The lake also has over 200 miles of shoreline. Visitors can enjoy bird and wildlife watching as well at this fantastic state park.

The Hatch Valley and the Hatch Chile Festival provide visitors with a great opportunity to learn about and enjoy this region of New Mexico. Not only does the festival have plenty of entertainment and excitement, but visitors also get to enjoy one of the important industries in the region. While enjoying the festival, visitors can also enjoy the lovely surrounding region.
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