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Newport Rhode Island | Host of the Ocean State Tall Ships® Festival


This year, 2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. Newport, Rhode Island will be hosting the Ocean State Tall Ships ® Festival, which will be a wonderful event and a way to commemorate the anniversary of an important point in history. This July is a great time to visit Rhode Island and Newport.

Newport hosts the Ocean State Tall Ships® Festival from July 6 through July 9 of 2012. This event is a great opportunity to see and even board some truly amazing ships. Some of the most famous and tallest ships come to participate in this festival. Visitors will have the opportunity to see some really amazing ships while also enjoying the maritime history of Newport and learning about sailing.

The Ocean State Tall Ships® Festival is part of the Tall Ships Challenge®, which is a series of festivals and races that welcome the public into the fascinating world of Tall Ships. There are over 200 sailing vessels that are members of Tall Ships America® and many participate in the festivals and events. These festivals, and the Ocean State Tall Ships® Festival bring together local artists, food vendors and more to enjoy the history and wonders of the participating vessels and the adventure of sailing.

This year there are over 11 vessels participating in the festival, each with its own fascinating history. Visitors can learn about each of these vessels at One of the participating vessels is the Picton Castle, which has a very interesting history. It started as a fishing trawler, and then was a minesweeper during WWII and more. Today this beautiful ship primarily serves for deep-ocean sail training. Other ships include the Gazela, which dates back as far as 1901; the HMS Bounty, one of the largest tall ships in the world and now offers summer camps for teens and more; and many more amazing ships.

While enjoying the opportunity to learn about each of the ships participating in the festival visitors can also enjoy the vendors at the festival and all that Newport has to offer. The festival has a wonderful marketplace for visitors to explore a wide variety of local business. In addition, this is another great way to explore the city.

Newport has many wonderful attractions for visitors to explore before, after or during their time at the festival. Newport Vineyards offers some wonderful local wine tasting. Visitors can also explore Newport's extravagant mansions while on a guided tour by the Newport Preservation Society. Another wonderful adventure is the Cliff Walk. Located on the Eastern shore of Newport, the Cliff Walk is a great way to experience nature and historic Newport. The Cliff Walk travel through a National Historic District and is designated as a National Recreation Trail. Travelers on this trail will see abrupt cliffs, rough trail, seashore and much more.

Visitors can also enjoy exploring the historic Belcourt Castle. This amazing example of Rhode Island history and architecture is a fantastic destination for all visitors. Located in Newport, this mansion was built in the 1890s by architect Richard Morris Hunt in the Louis XIII style. Visitors can enjoy the amazing architecture, gardens and collection of arts and antiques from around the world. Today, visitors can also take ghost tours of the castle.

The Ocean State Tall Ships® Festival is an amazing festival. Visitors have the opportunity to learn, see and even board some of the tallest ships in the world. While taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity visitors can also explore the city of Newport, which has a rich history and offers plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy.
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