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Wisconsin has many fantastic cities to visit, one of these fantastic gems is Cedarburg. Visitors to this town have the opportunity to learn about it's history, as well as moments of historical significance that occurred here. Today, the town is a wonderful spot to enjoy exploring historic buildings, shops, galleries and more. Cedarburg is truly one of Wisconsin's gems.

One of the features that Cedarburg boasts is the number of historic buildings preserved in the town. There are over 200 historically significant buildings in the town and many of them are on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors will especially enjoy exploring the buildings that are in use and open to the public. The town takes pride in preserving its historic buildings and continues to use them throughout the community.

Visitors should be sure to stop and spend some time at the Cedarburg General Store Museum. The museum is housed in a restored historic building. Within the museum visitors will find a wonderful collection of advertising and antique packaging art. The collection is one of the best in the entire region. Visitors are sure to enjoy looking at the grocery items and much more. The museum also has a candy counter with vintage items.

Another fantastic historic destination within Cedarburg is the Woolen Mill Textile Museum. This museum will especially appeal to those with an interest in wool and spinning wheels. Visitors can enjoy learning about the antique spinning wheels, quilts and more. In addition this destination is a working museum, which demonstrates custom wool carding on historic machinery. The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts is another fantastic destination for visitors with an interest in textiles. This museum has rotating exhibits of quilt and much more.

Those visitors traveling with children should be sure to stop at the Family Farm. This destination is a working farm, where visitors can learn and experience the history of farming in Wisconsin. Kids can also learn about the outdoors, wildlife and nature of Wisconsin at the Riveredge Nature Center. This nature center is one of the largest in the region and provides ample opportunities to learn about the environment of southeastern Wisconsin.

Travelers can also enjoy some of the local products at the Cedar Creek Winery. This small regional winery offers some fantastic, award-winning wines. Visitors that enjoy wine are sure to enjoy spending some time tasting these fantastic wine options. In addition visitors can also take tours of the winery.

Cedarburg also offers excellent options for outdoor recreation. The most notable option is the Ozaukee Interurban Trail. This paved trail covers 30 miles and is wonderful for biking, walking and other options. The trail travels the length of the county and offers both view of the town and of the region's beautiful outdoors.

cedarburg-wisconsin-covered-bridgeAnother fantastic attraction visitors will find in Cedarburg is the last covered bridge in Wisconsin. Travelers can stop at the Covered Bridge Park. While spending some time enjoying the park, visitors can walk across the covered bridge and see this historic spot in the town.

Cedarburg is one of Wisconsin's great destinations. Throughout the town there are destinations with historic significance, and destinations that offer interesting insight into the historic and currant industries within the region. Visitors are are to enjoy recreating, exploring and relaxing in this beautiful Wisconsin town.
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