Camping Gems

Camping Gems

Find those fun and funky “special” places across the country. Hit the road and discover all the odd roadside attractions that make getting there more than half the fun. Road tripping gives you an excuse to search out hidden gems along your route. Look inside for suggested trips and inspiration to plan your own camping gem journey.

Top Picks | Top 10 Undiscovered Ski Resorts

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Bear Valley, CA

Bear Valley is one of the less well known ski resorts in California when compared to popular resorts like Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley. This ski area has runs that suit any experience level. Skiers will find 1,280 skiable areas, and gets over 350 inches of average annual snowfall. The summit is at an elevation of 8,500 feet and has a 1,900 foot vertical drop. Visitors will find runs that suit any experience level, and there are even snowcat tours that take adventurous skiers to the terrain that is harder to access but less tracked.

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