Send Your Dog to Camp and Tag Along!

Looking for something fun and new to do with your dog this summer? Why not enroll in dog camp? These interactive camps are popping up all over the country, offering people a special chance to play and learn with their dogs. The camps vary, so you can choose whether you want one that emphasizes obedience training, learning about dogs and dog behavior, or one that focuses primarily on playtime activities. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a dog camp for you. See the end of this article for a list of dog camp websites.

Different camps are geared toward different things, whether it’s puppy training or working on specialized sports like flyball, herding, agility, or boating and swimming. All camps offer your dog a chance to run off-leash, making new doggy and human friends. Most have a lake for dog swimming, sleeping areas that you and your dog share, and plenty of time for sniffing in the woods. Generally you get to choose from a list of activities, so you can keep your dog as busy or as relaxed as you like.

Camp is a great place to uncover a hidden talent in your dog, since you’ll have a chance to try new sports like Frisbee chasing, lure coursing, rally-o, and freestyle dance. The human companions can also have a great time meeting people at camp, since everyone there shares an important bond in common—the one with their dog. Country dogs can mix with city dogs, running on the beach and chasing after sticks. And if you take part in an obedience program, you and your dog might come home with an array of useful new skills.

Before you sign up, be sure to read up on the facilities offered by the camp of your choice. What are the sleeping arrangements? Will you have your own cabin, a shared cabin, or a tent or RV campsite? Are all the meals provided? They generally are, and you can usually specify dietary restrictions and preferences. You’ll need to learn about the requirements for your dog as well. How old does your puppy need to be? Are certain shots and medical certificates required? At some camps, you’ll need to register for workshops (on agility, obedience, etc.) in advance.

Dog camp is a great place to enhance your understanding of your canine companion. You’ll have access to guest speakers and sessions on a range of topics, from T-touch and dog massage to health, nutrition, and how to take good photos of pets. Your dog might be able to have a fitness evaluation, take part in a talent show, or go canoeing. Dogs can even practice search and rescue or take part in a dock diving competition. It’s all happening at dog camp! Head to one this summer and see where the fun is.

Camp Dogwood

Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Camp Winnaribbun

New Jersey
Camp Barking Hills

New York
Glen Highland Farm

North Carolina, Massachusetts, California
Camp Unleashed

Camp Gone to the Dogs

Bothell, Washington
Camp Happy Paws

Lake Wenatchee, Washington
Maian Meadows Dog Camp

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