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Spring Break in Orlando Florida and Disney World

Orlando is a destination filled with fun and excitement, perfect for a spring break vacation. It has plenty to offer the family vacationer. It has everything, beaches, amusement parks and much more. When planning a family trip to Orlando, visitors can stay at one of the many great all-inclusive resorts. Orlando is home to attractions like Universal Studios, Sea World, the Kennedy Space Center and of course Walt Disney World.

The first thing to explore during a trip to Orlando are the variety of theme parks that call the city home. Some of these parks are water parks, some are theme parks and others even offer access to wildlife and much more. Each of these parks is a unique experience, and are fantastic for a spring break adventure.

SeaWorld is, as its name suggests, a marine themed park. Visitors can enjoy watching shows with the park's resident marine life. At SeaWorld, visitors get to help feed the dolphins, touch marine animals that they may never see in the wild. Children love the opportunity to see real marine animals performing their shows with their handlers. In between shows, visitors to SeaWorld can ride all of the water and marine themed rides.

Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure can also be found in Orlando. These parks have rides that allow visitors to experience some of the fun and thrills of their favorite Universal Films. Universal Studios Florida has shows and rides, all based off of some of your favorite TV shows and movies. Visitors will be able to experience rides based on E.T., The Mummy, Men In Black and many more. Universal's Islands of Adventure has some thrill packed theme rides. Children will absolutely love the themed section devoted to Harry Potter adventures. Other rides focus on everyone's favorite super heroes, Jurassic Park and many more amazing themes and rides that will really bring these films to life.

Of course, no true theme park destination would be complete without a Walt Disney theme park. Walt Disney World is one of the best theme parks in the world. Although not the original Disney theme park, Walt Disney World is packed with everyone's favorite Disney characters and some of Disney's best rides. Walt Disney World is composed of four theme parks, and two water parks. Each of these parks offers a completely unique experience.

The Magic Kingdom Park is a great destination to take the children who want to meet all of the classic Disney characters. This is where the wonderful fantasy world of Disney can be found and enjoyed. Visitors to Magic Kingdom Park can enjoy a variety of areas, including Tomorrowland area and Adventurland area.

Disney World's second of four theme parks is Epcot. At Epcot visitors can enjoy visions of the future and advanced technology. Visitors to Epcot should be sure to keep an eye out for the Spaceship Earth at the entrance. After exploring the future in Epcot, visitors can move on to Disney's Animal Kingdom, where visitors have the opportunity to enjoy hundreds of different species of animal. Visitors can even pet some of the animals.

The fourth theme park in Walt Disney World is Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park. This theme park takes visitors to Hollywood from many different generations and styles. At this parks visitors can enjoy. This park looks like the grid of a street and is a great way to experience a variety of Hollywood style themes.

Walt Disney World also has two water parks, which are Disney's Blizzard Beach and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. There is no better plank than Florida to enjoy the water and sunshine than at a water park. At Disney's water parks in Florida, visitors can enjoy some of the tallest watersides. There are also rafts, snorkeling and much more at these parks.

After spending as much time as necessary to ride all of the amazing rides at Orlando's top theme parks, road trippers may want to continue on to Cocoa Beach. Spending some time at the beach, enjoying outdoor recreation and more is a good way to unwind after spending days among the crowds and excitement of the amusement parks. Florida's Space Coast, as it is known, has many outdoor attractions that even theme park fans will love. Nearby attractions include the Kennedy Space Center, the Canaveral National Seashore, and more.
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