Camp Maine - Land of Rugged Beauty

The Rugged North Coast
From the rugged coastline in the south and east, to the wild north and mountainous west, Maine is filled with outdoor adventures. Bring your paddle, hiking boots, and wildlife/birding guide - you won't want to miss a chance to watch deer, moose, foxes, beavers, and porcupines in their natural environment. Birders will fill their lists on the coast, where thousands of shorebirds including puffins, eiders, gulls, and terns, pass each year.

Begin your visit along the coast, exploring the beaches of the south or the rocky inlets of the mid coast and sunrise. Make a trip to Acadia National Park, home of a range of ecosystems and wonderful wildlife viewing. Then head north and west, into Maine's heartland, to hike along the woods and lakes. Fishing here is excellent, and it's easy to find a quiet spot of your own. Last, tackle the mountain peaks. Climb Katahdin, Maine's highest spot (a group of four peaks), or scale the slopes of the Western Lakes region, the northern stretch of the Appalachian Trail.



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