State Fairs

State Fairs

State fairs are a great way to celebrate the year's harvest and have plenty of excitement without breaking the bank. You will find plenty of livestock, different types of crafts, local competitions, rides, great concerts and lots of country fun. Most states hold a state fair in late summer or early fall. You can learn about local agriculture and crafts at your state fair. Your state fair will provide you with plenty of fun close to home, but if you are looking for some excitement while on vacation, visit the fair in another state.

Every state fair has something unique. These fairs also change every year, so you will find something new every time you go. Everyone who has been to a fair has their favorite attraction and everyone has their favorite state fair. There are a few fairs that stand out as the best; these include the Iowa State Fair, the Ohio State Fair, the Minnesota State Fair, the California State Fair, the New Mexico State Fair and the Texas State Fair. You will find healthy animals, fascinating crafts and contests, exhilarating rides and delicious foods at all of these fairs.

The Iowa State Fair held in Des Moines is widely considered to be one of the best in the country. Every year this state fair features a Butter Cow. This is a life-sized cow sculpted from butter. It takes about 600lbs of butter.  Every year one of the main breeds of dairy cows is the model for the sculpture. The 2009 Iowa State Fair featured such musicians as Journey and Kelly Clarkson. Attendees to the fair could also watch a tractor pull or the demolition derby. The fair had more than 50 food items available on a stick, ranging from frozen brownies to pork chops.

The Minnesota State Fair is known for its wide variety of foods-on-a-stick. Here you can find almost any type of food-on-a-stick; this year there are over 75 vendors selling these types of food. You can also enjoy the daily parades, see the horse show, or even see a free concert. California offers an exciting state fair as well. The California State Fair holds a large wine competition that promotes local California Wines, some of the top wines and vineyards in the country. California also has a great free concert series. You will also find many child-friendly events as well as classic fair events.

Each state fair has something fun to offer. The classic country events of a state fair can be some of the most fun. State fairs were originally celebrations of the year's harvest. Today, they are still a celebration of the state's agriculture. You can watch a rodeo or admire the 4-H livestock. You can also enjoy many types of horse shows, where you can see the different breeds, different types of riding styles, carriage driving and miniature horses.

You can also enjoy displays of some of the state's most skilled crafts-people. Many fairs have competitions for the best recipes, such as pie or pickle recipes. Wisconsin is known for its wonderful cheese, so the Wisconsin State Fair has a cheese contest. There are also plenty of delicious foods from local vendors at state fairs. You have a chance to enjoy foods that are not available any other time of year.

Every state fair has plenty of rides and entertainment. You can see some extremely talented musicians; many state fairs have a free concert series. Most state fairs have rides like Ferris wheels and roller coasters. You may also find educational exhibits and child-themed attractions.

This fall or maybe the next, take the whole family to a state fair. If you are on vacation, stop at the local state fair where you are vacationing. Most fairs are open for a week or so; you can check the schedule of events and find a day that seems interesting to you. If you have more time, you can visit the fair more than once.
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