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Louisiana is filled with amazing culinary destinations. Throughout the state there are delicious options for food. There are many options for Creole and Cajun food along the Louisiana Culinary Trails. Any visitor to the state should embark along one of these delightful trips.

Bayou Bounty Trail

This trip takes travelers through the heart of Cajun Country, from Lafayette, south to the coast. Travelers go through the Atchafalaya Basin, and enjoy some of the best cajun seafood in the nation. Here travelers can go to Breaux Bridge, the Crawfish Capital of the World, and enjoy some delicious crawfish etoufee. In Lafayette travelers can feast on Cajun cuisine while listening to the unique Zydeco music of the city.

Capital Cuisine Trail

Travelers that decide to take this trail, can explore the region north of Baton Rouge, south almost to New Orleans. Along this route, travelers can explore the plantations of the region, including Nottoway Plantation. In Baton Rouge travelers will try different regional delights, including alligator and more.

Creole Fusion Trail

The Creole Fusion Trail travels along the eastern border of the state, all the way south to New Orleans. Along this trail, travelers will enjoy the unique food derived from the combining of many cultures, as well as the fresh available ingredients. Here the cuisine comes from French, African, Italian, Spanish and other styles of cuisine. Visitors should be sure to look out for the fresh seafood options of the region. In New Orleans travelers can stop at some of the famous restaurants found throughout the city.

Delta Delights Trail

Travelers will find this trail in the northeastern region of Louisiana. In Ruston visitors will find food that is less spicy, closer in origin to the food in other southern regions. While traveling through  Monroe and West Monroe travelers can enjoy a variety of dishes made with local, fresh catfish. In addition there are many fresh fruits and vegetables available year-round.

Prairie Home Cooking Trail
In central Louisiana, travelers can explore the Prairie Home Cooking Trail. Through this region travelers will still enjoy the variety of Louisiana cuisine. There are some excellent smoked meats to be found in the regain. Here the food is hearty and rich, but also different from the cuisine of the other culinary trails.

Red River Riches Trail

This trail is located in the northwestern region of Louisiana and offers some of it's own amazing culinary traditions. Here there is a combination of southern, Louisiana and Texas, making some delicious food options. In Natchitoches visitors can enjoy meat pies, and in Shreveport travelers can enjoy barbecue. This region has some really delicious southern inspired cuisine for travelers to enjoy.

Seafood Sensation Trail

Located in southwestern Louisiana, this trail is an amazing option for lovers of seafood. This region is known for shrimp, crab, oysters and fish. In addition the region also has a long history of rice farming. Travelers will find plenty of dishes that combine seafood over rice. Lake Charles in this region has some amazing Cajun French/Creole cuisine, and visitors should be sure to try jambalaya, gumbo and even spicy crawfish.
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