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Hot Spot | Poconos, Pennsylvania

The Poconos - Something for Everyone

The Pocono Mountains cover a large region of northeastern Pennsylvania. These mountains are a popular vacation destination throughout the year. Visitors will find plenty of preserved natural beauty, and lots of outdoor recreation. In addition, the Poconos are a great cultural destination, with art galleries to naturalist museums and music festivals. The Poconos are sure to have something for every visitor.

The Poconos stretch across four counties, and encompass 2,400 square miles of wilderness. The majority of the Poconos are located within Monroe and Pike counties in Pennsylvania. These mountains are located a convenient distance from many large cities on the east coast, making it a fantastic getaway and weekend destination. Within this region there are 150 lakes, making it a great destination for water recreation. The mountains also have plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, camping, skiing and more.

In the winter, the Pocono Mountains become a snowy wonderland, great for winter recreation. Visitors can enjoy good snow, groomed trails and more. Within the Poconos there are plenty of ski areas, including Shawnee Mountain, which has 125 skiable acres with 23 trails. Visitors can also spend some time at the Blue Mountain Ski Area, which has the highest vertical in Pennsylvania.

Visitors to the Poconos can also enjoy plenty of recreation throughout the year. Travelers can explore the Appalachian Trail on the southern border of the Poconos for a fantastic hiking experience. Throughout the Poconos there are parks and natural areas that have miles of hiking trails, which offer beautiful views, opportunities to see natural wonders, wildlife and more.

Big Pocono State Park is located on the top of Camelback Mountain, this park has spectacular mountaintop views. Visitors can also enjoy the great scenic drive the circles up the mountaintop. Promised Land State Park is another great destination for outdoor recreation. This park is surrounded by the Delaware State Forest, and also has two lakes and a few streams. Promised Land State Park is great for hiking, biking and plenty of water recreation. Travelers looking to enjoy some of Pennsylvania's natural wonders can explore Bushkill Falls. Known as "The Niagara of Pennsylvania," Bushkill Falls has eight waterfalls, and plenty of features, including paddleboat rides, trails, Twin Lakes and much more.

The Delaware Water Gap is another great Pocono destination. The Middle Delware River flows between low mountains, when it passes between Mt. Tammany in New Jersey and Mt. Minsi in Pennsylvania, the river forms the Delware Water Gap. This amazing natural wonder is a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy beautiful Pennsylvania.  There are many overlooks that can be enjoyed when driving on Interstate 80 and while recreating in the area. Visitors can also enjoy a wide range of water recreation, including kayaking, fishing, swimming and more.

Visitors to the Poconos will also find plenty of historical and cultural attractions. While traveling through these mountains, visitors can explore historic communities, many of which feature historical sites. The Bell School House in Stroudsburg is a great historic destination located in Hamilton Township. Visitors can also explore the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, which protects a region which supported both the coal and lumber industries.

Throughout the Poconos travelers are sure to find destinations of interest. The historic mountain resort region is filled with excellent outdoor recreation, from fishing to biking, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing and much more. The Poconos also has plenty of historic attractions and areas for visitors to learn about the development of the region and more.

Hot Spot | Oregon's Central Coast

Travel to Oregon's Central Coast


Central coast of Oregon is a true hot spot. Stretching from Lincoln City in the north down to Yachats in the south. Visitors to this region will find beautiful sandy beaches, stunning evergreen forests and much more. Travelers can enjoy all of the beauty of the Pacific Ocean in this beautiful landscape.

Lincoln City, located on the northern end of the Central Coast of Oregon, is a great tourist destination. The town is a great destination for shopping and dining. In addition, there are plenty of galleries with handblown glass and other local art galleries. Lincoln City's beaches are a lot of fun for the whole family. The beaches are great for beach combing, exploring tide pools, clamming, crabbing, surfing, whale watching and much more.

Traveling south, Depoe Bay is another wonderful beach community. Surrounded by cliffs and state parks, this community is a great stop during a Central Oregon vacation. The town is a fantastic whale-watching destination, with grey whales living in the area for about 10 months of the year. Visitors to Depoe Bay can also learn about the history of the small fishing harbor, which has a bridge and walkway for spectators to watch the vessels coming in to the port.

Beverly Beach State Park is a fun family attraction. Visitors walk under the highway on the walkway to access the long sandy beach, which stretches from Yaquina Head to Otter Rock. The sandy beach is great for all sorts of beach activities, including building sand castles, surfing, and especially flying kites when the wind is good.

As travelers continue south along Oregon's Central Coast they can stop in beautiful Newport. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Newport beaches, but there are many other fun activities to enjoy while staying in Newport. Children will love the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Newport is also a good destination to enjoy some arts and culture along the trip, with a symphony orchestra and many art galleries. Fishing and crabbing are also fun activities to enjoy while in Newport. The city is actually an important spot for commercial fishing on the Oregon Coast and there are many different charter options for visitors. Newport also has lighthouses, and access to many other fun outdoor activities.

Yachats, on the southern end of the Central Coast is a great spot to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the wonderful beachside community. The area is great for fossil hunting, birdwatching, clamming and exploring tidepools. This region has some amazing tidepools, with blow holes and other fascinating sites. Visitors to the area should also be sure to stop at the nearby Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, with some amazing viewpoints, including the Cape Perpetua Overlook.

Visitors to this region can also travel a little farther south to explore the stunning Sea Lion Caves. This is the world's largest sea cave and is a fantastic attraction. Travelers can take tours of Sea Lion Caves and see the Stellar sea lions that make the cave their home. Visitors will also see plenty of birds and many other fascinating sites while touring the cave.

Oregon's Central Coast is a fantastic destination in the northwest. Visitors can enjoy all of the fun activities found on the sandy beaches, and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Ocean. In addition, the region is filled with opportunities for recreation and exploring the region's beautiful nature. With wonderful beachside communities, national forests, parks, sandy beaches, tidepools and much more, this is an ideal spot to enjoy all that Oregon has to offer.

Hot Spot | Jacksonville, FL

Visit Jacksonville, Florida and the Osceola National Forest

osceola-national-forestJacksonville, Florida is an excellent city for a southern vacation. The city offers visitors a wide variety of activities to enjoy. From fine dining to outdoor recreation, Jacksonville has something for everyone.

The city is one of the largest, in area, in the continental United States. Jacksonville covers over 840 square miles. the only city that is larger is Anchorage, Alaska. Within this city there are a wide variety of attractions and activities. Visitors can enjoy relaxing at a spa. Jacksonville also has plenty of shopping opportunities, including malls and fun boutiques. In addition, Jacksonville has plenty of fine dining, with fresh seafood and more. After spending a day enjoy the city, visitors can also enjoy the exciting nightlife of the city.

Jacksonville, in addition to having a large area, also has thousands of acres of parks and preserves. The city covers area on three rivers, including the St. Johns River. Between the rivers and the the parks, there are numerous options for recreation. Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve has trail and wildlife watching opportunities. Visitors can also hike to the Fort Caroline National Memorial, which commemorates Florida's French colonists. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a great destination for mountain biking in Florida, and it also has a beautiful beach.

Visitors to Jacksonville will love the miles of beaches. There are over 20 miles of beaches for visitors to Jacksonville to explore. The Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier is a boardwalk, great for walking and views of the coast. Jacksonville Beach's beautiful white sands are another popular destination to enjoy all of the fun of the Florida coast.

Travelers can enjoy all different types of water recreation, including surfing, swimming and more. Wildlife watching cruises are another way to enjoy the Florida coast, and can include views of dolphins, manatees and sea birds. The beaches also provide access to golf courses. Visitors can also enjoy taking a trolley ride to Jacksonville's beach neighborhoods.

The beautiful Osceola National Forest is also a great destination for visitors to Jacksonville. The forest covers almost 200,000 acres in northern Florida. This National Forest preserves beautiful woodland and swamp ecosystems, which include cypress, bay swamps, longleaf pine and more.

Visitors to the Osceola National Forest can enjoy plenty of recreation, including hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, swimming and more. Ocean Pond is a great lake destination within the forest, which is a great destination for swimming, boating, fishing and more. The Florida National Scenic Trail passes through the Osceola National Forest, is a great option for hiking. The trail passes through the forests many beautiful ecosystems, including streams. Many of the streams on the trail have bridges for crossing, but some still require a little wading during the rainy season.

Jacksonville and the nearby Osceola National Forest is a great vacation destination.  Located in northern Florida Jacksonville has great beaches, and lots of beautiful outdoor recreation. Visitors will enjoy the white sand beaches, the hiking and other recreation in the forest and city's acres of parks and preserves. Jacksonville has a little something for everyone.

Warm Outdoor Adventure Winter Getaway Ideas

Travel Special | Hawaii and Tropical Mainland Alternatives


Hawaii, Florida and California are beautiful tropical destinations. They are amazing year-round destinations, but becomes more appealing during the long winters in less tropical regions. When you need a break from the rain, snow and other cold weather, a trip to a tropical destinations is a welcome break.

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Hot Spot | Stunning Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake OregonOregon's Stunning Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park preserves on of the most unique areas in Oregon and the country. The lake is one of the deepest in the world and it has the most stunning blue color to the water. It is certainly a lake that everyone should take the opportunity to visit. Crater Lake is a great summer and winter destination, with excellent recreation and amazing views throughout the year.

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