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Camping Hot Spot | Fly Fish Montana

Learn to Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana is filled with pristine rivers, lakes and streams that offer world-class fly fishing opportunities. Whether you are an experienced fly fisher, or a beginner there is a river or stream that will be the ideal place for you to spend a few days or a week fishing. Montana has excellent access to the rivers and streams and the trout fisheries are well maintained, making it an ideal state to enjoy a fly fishing vacate.

Fly fishers planning a trip to Montana first need to determine if they want the convenience of a guide to help you find the best spots in the region you are visiting, or if you would prefer to have a do it yourself fishing experience. Local Montana guides are familiar with the rivers, streams and lakes in their region and they know the fisheries well. A guide can help make sure you find the best spots, as well as have all of the appropriate equipment. Guides also understand the laws and unspoken rules of fishing in Montana and can help make sure you have a great experience without disturbing the trout fisheries or disturbing another fishers experience.

If you prefer to have an independent fishing trip you will need to do some research about the streams and rivers in the region you would like to visit. A little advanced planning will help you have the best fly fishing experience possible. You need to determine which rivers and streams are good during the season you plan on visiting. Montana has year round fishing opportunities, but some areas are limited due to seasonal concerns. Alpine lakes can only be fished during the summer due to the ice. Some rivers are too fast and powerful during the spring to fish. Often the best time for fly fishing in Montana is late summer through early fall.

You will also need to be prepared with the proper equipment. If you have fished before it is likely you have everything you need already and are set. Beginning fishers will need to be sure to have the appropriate equipment, which you may not already have on hand. Local Montana outfitters can help make sure you have all of the gear necessary for the spot you wish to visit.

Montana allows access to all of the streams, rivers and lakes below the regular high water mark. However, this access does not continue onto the shoreline of privately owned property. Fishers can travel on the shoreline of property that is not marked with a no trespassing sign, or with permission of the owner. Otherwise, traveling on the shoreline without permission is considered trespassing. In addition, fishers should be sure they are aware of any specific rules or guidelines for the fishery they are fishing. These guidelines include whether or not using live bait is acceptable, notifying the Fish, Wildlife & Parks office of any tagged fish you may catch. Other guidelines include being respectful of other people fishing on the river, including not crowding and moving out of the way for float fishers.

The beautiful state of Montana has some amazing fishing opportunities, so deciding where to fish will probably the most difficult part of planning a trip. Throughout the state their are small streams and lakes open for fishing, which can provide an amazing experience. However, the state is best know for some of the larger rivers with fantastic fisheries. Some of Montana's fishing hot spots include the Bighorn River, the Flathead River, the Madison River, the Missouri River, the Yellowstone River, the Gallatin River and more. Each of these rivers offers a different experience, perhaps you are looking for trophy sized fish, or for a more quite experience.

One of the most highly prized fly fishing locations in Montana is the Gallatin River. The Gallatin starts at Gallatin Lake, which is located in the Gallatin Mountain Range, in Yellowstone National Park. The river flows for 115 miles and it comes to an end at the Missouri River. Twenty-five miles of the river are located within Yellowstone National Park, when it leaves the Park, the river mostly flows through public land for the next 40 miles. The majority of the river is closed to float fishing, so it is great for wade anglers. Throughout the length of the river there is good access and offers a variety of water and amazing scenery.

The Yellowstone River is known for the size of the rainbow trout that fly fishers can bring home. The entire length of the Yellowstone River is undamed, which provides excellent trout habitat along the stretch of almost 200 miles. Most of the fishing on this river is done by boat, unlike the Gallatin River. The most productive part of the river runs through Paradise Valley. Fishers may expect to find Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout and even Rocky Mountain Whitefish.

No matter what your experience level or what type of experience you are looking for, Montana will have something for every fly fisher. The wild beauty of the lakes are rivers, combined with the quite and solitude found throughout the state makes Montana an ideal state for a relaxing fly fishing experience. With some advanced planning about fishing locations and possible guides, you are sure to have a wonderful experience when fly fishing on one of Montana's legendary rivers, lakes or streams.

Camping Hot Spot | Santa Barbara, California

Camping Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is one of California's fabulous cities. Visitors to Santa Barbara can enjoy a wide range of recreational opportunities, as well as the fine dining and culture of the city. It is especially fantastic in the summer when the beaches are at their best.

A little less than 100 miles north of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is a fantastic town to escape the big city of LA, and dive into the more relaxed, resort-like feel of this part of the California coast. Santa Barbara is bordered by the pacific ocean to the south and the Santa Ynez Mountains to the north. The ocean and the mountains create a beautiful Mediterranean climate, with pleasant summers and mild winters. Together the natural features, the climate and the beaches make Santa Barbara an excellent California vacation destination.

On the California Coast in Santa Barbara there are miles of beautiful beaches. On these beaches there are many different activities for visitors to enjoy. Many beaches are accessible through local parks and are great for enjoying the cool ocean breezes and warm summer sun of the California Coast. Visitors to Santa Barbara can enjoy a wide range of ocean oriented recreation activities, including swimming, surfing, kayaking, whale watching and more.

Santa Barbara also offers visitors excellent dining options throughout the city. There are also many great places to stay during a trip to Santa Barbara, from world-class resorts, to cozy bed and breakfasts and beautiful camp grounds. In addition, to excellent accommodations and dining, Santa Barbara is known for the fabulous wines being made in Santa Barbara wine country. Visitors will love taking winery tours and enjoying tastings of some of the local wines.

Visitors can also arrange their vacation plans around Santa Barbara's great event schedule. There are fun festivals throughout the year that delight locals and visitors alike. The French Festival, held on Bastille Day is one of the largest French Festivals in the western US. The Summer Solstice Celebration is an exciting one day parade. Each year this parade draws thousand of visitors. This parade has creative floats, dancers and much more.

Not only does the city have fun annual celebrations, but the attractions that are open year-round are also excellent destinations for visitors to explore. Santa Barbara has an impressive Museum of Natural History, featuring exhibits on the natural wildlife of the Pacific and the Channel Islands. The museum also has amazing exhibits on prehistoric life in the region. Visitors should be sure to stop at the Museum of Art as well during a stay in the city. This regional museum has a stunning permanent collection for visitors to enjoy at any time. The Museum of Art has art from around the world, the Asian exhibit is a particularly good collection.

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Santa Barbara, beyond the beaches, at the Botanic Gardens. Filled with native plants, this garden is a beautiful example of wild Santa Barbara. Throughout the 65 acres, visitors will see wildflowers, cacti, shrubs, trees and much more. The Botanic Gardens are a great spot to enjoy a pleasant walk on the miles of trails throughout the beautiful grounds.

Children and families will love the Santa Barbara Zoo. Among the best attractions for families within the city, the zoo is sure to delight all visitors. The zoo has over hundreds of different animals. Visitors can see elephants, lions, giraffes and even far animals. Planning a visit during feeding time is a really great way to see all of the animals.

Santa Barbara is a beautiful California destination. Visitors are sure to love the excellent climate, beautiful natural surroundings and all of the fun attractions the area has to offer. Visitors won't want to miss the beaches, museums, Stearns Wharf, the waterfront and many more of the cities fabulous attractions. Santa Barbara also has great festivals to delight residents and visitors alike throughout the year. All in all, Santa Barbara is a truly beautiful US vacation destination.

Hot Spot | Washington, DC

Visit the District of Columbia

Our nation's capital is a destination that everyone should visit sometime in their life. The District of Columbia is a destination filled with sites of historic and current importance. During a visit, you can learn about the structure of our government, see monuments, museums and much more.

Washington, DC is filled with important monuments. If you have enough time, it is well worth it to make it to as many of the monuments as possible. The place to start is the National Mall. The Mall is a beautiful grassy area lined with trees and some of the monuments honoring our nation's most important figures. You can see the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and many more. These important landmarks are open all day and into the evening, and some of the memorials are even more spectacular in the evening with all of the lights.

After exploring some of Washington DC's amazing monuments the next stop should be to plan out a visit to some of the Smithsonian Institution's complex of museums. With over 19 museums and the National Zoological Park, it's unlikely that you will not have the time to explore each of these museums on a single visit. The best way to enjoy the Smithsonian Institution is to plan out which museums you are most interested in visit. You can start planning your exploration of the Smithsonian Institution at The Castle, also known as the Smithsonian Institution Building, where the information center is located. Other Smithsonian museums include the Air and Space Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Portrait Museum, the National Zoo and many more.

The Smithsonian Institution are not the only museums in DC. Another excellent museum that you should be sure to visit is the National Museum of the American Indian. This museum offers amazing insight into the history and culture of the many different tribes of American Indians. In addition, the museum cafe offers a stunning dining opportunity, the cafe has delicious Native American foods.

Washington, DC doesn't just have monuments and museums, there are also laces to enjoy the great outdoors. The city has many parks and places to walk and enjoy the city. You can enjoy the outdoors at the Constitution Gardens with beautiful trees, and island and more. The National Arboretum is another outdoor destination, which boasts an impressive selection of trails. The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and the US Botanical Gardens are also great outdoor destinations.

The arts and entertainment in Washington, DC are also an important part of any trip to the city. You will find art galleries, club and fantastic restaurants. The historic Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, DC is an excellent area to enjoy some of the cities best shopping, dining, entertainment and more.

Of course, one last important aspect of any visit to Washington, DC is the current American Democracy. As our nation's capitol, Washington, DC is where some of the more important decisions and political action are occurring right now. You should be sure to stop at some of the sites where American Democracy is taking place. The US Capitol houses both the House of Representatives and the Senate, you can really get to see how our government functions during a visit to the Capitol.

You start your visit at the Capitol Visitor Center, and from there you can take a tour, if you made reservations in advance. You can even get a pass to see the House and Senate while they are in session. The Library of Congress and its stunning collection of books, photographs, recordings and much more preserves American History and is another fascinating destination. And last but certainly not least, the White House. You can stop outside the White House to admire this iconic destination. Unfortunately tours are difficult to arrange, but it is still fantastic to see the outside of the President's residence.

The District of Columbia, our nation's capitol is one of the great destinations you can visit. This city is filled with history, excitement and more. You will find the Smithsonian Institution here as well as the National Mall, the Washington Monument and much more. Throughout the city there are destinations of current and historical importance as well as destinations that are fun for shopping recreation and much, much more.


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Camping Hot Spot | Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee and The CMA Music Festival

Every year since 1972 Nashville has hosted the Country Music Association (CMA) Music Festival, formerly known as Fan Fair. This is the biggest country music festival in Nashville, and is a must-see for country music fans. This festival is an excellent opportunity to visit and explore Nashville, while enjoying music from Country Music's best artists.

The CMA Music Festival is held annually in June. Downtown Nashville plays host to thousands of Country Music Fans for the four days that the festival spans. Concerts are held throughout the day at different spots in Downtown Nashville. In the morning and afternoon there are concerts at Riverfront Park on the Cumberland River. The evening concerts are held at LP Field. These evening concerts draw some of the biggest stars that attend the Festival. Fans also have the opportunity to get pictures of their favorite musicians, autographs and merchandise at the Convention Center.

This event in Nashville is unique because of the number of amazing concerts that are held each year and the amazing access that fans have to these musicians to get autographs and pictures. In addition, the CMA Music Festival is a charity event, the musicians do not get paid to perform at this event.

June, during the time of the festival is a great time to visit Nashville. Not are there amazing concerts for four continuous days, but all that the great city of Nashville has to offer is right at your fingertips. This festival is also a great opportunity to enjoy some camping in Nashville. Music festivals and camping are natural partners, and together make a great vacation.

Nashville is filled with amazing destinations throughout the city. Visitors can learn about the cities history with a visit to Fort Nashborough, or learn about Civil War era Nashville at Carnton Plantation. For those that want to make their visit all about the music, the Music City Walk of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum are must-see destinations. The Grand Ole Opry is another great Nashville attractions.

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of art galleries and gardens that the city features. The Frist Center for the Visual Arts is an amazing art gallery. The Capitol Mall State Park is also a fascinating point of interest with its 200-foot granite map of the state of Tennessee.

Nashville, Tennessee and the CMA Music Festival are must-visit destinations for music lovers and Country Music fans. The four days of the music festival are filled with exciting concerts and fun. For those visitors that have some more time to spend in Nashville there are plenty of sights, sounds and places to enjoy.

New York City Theatre Weekend

Bright Lights Big City Escape - New York City & Broadway

What better way is there to enjoy a weekend in New York than to make it a New York theatre weekend. New York is filled with unique attractions and you could easily spend multiple weeks exploring just a small portion of what the city has to offer. For those that only have limited time to explore New York City, plan a theater weekend.

New York City's Broadway presents a broad range of the best shows and musicals in the world.  Every visitor should make time to catch at least one show during a trip to New York. During a theater weekend you have the opportunity to see a few of the shows that you have been wanting to see.

Broadway has an amazing variety of shows, shows with heart warming stories, shows with drama, musicals with fun dances, hum worthing songs, celebrity stars and more. When planning your theatre weekend schedule you should be sure to research the different shows that will be playing during your stay. Some shows may be opening that weekend, some shows are are long-running, and other shows might be closing soon.

Perhaps the most famous long-running show you will find on Broadway is The Phantom of the Oprah, which is a great option if you like the classic story and you enjoy the drama and thrills of the story. Wicked is a great option for a musical if you are looking for a fun and emotional story. You can also see one of the newer shows to Broadway, which open throughout the year.

Another option you should look into are the Off-Broadway shows. These shows aren't in the same venues as the bigger productions that are Broadway shows. Although Off-Broadway shows aren't as large, they are still excellent productions, with all of the creativity and artistry you will find in the Broadway shows.

If you want to pack your vacation with shows you can schedule more than one show for each day. Most offer both an afternoon and evening showing, allowing you to maximize the number of shows you see. Next, after you have scheduled your shows and have the tickets and seats you want, you should check out some of New York's other attractions.

This city is full of things to do and places to see, so if you want to spend some time exploring the city before and after a show, there will be plenty to choose from. In the mornings and afternoons, depending on your schedule you can explore some of the main attractions, or if you are looking for something a little off the beaten path there are plenty of places to explore.

You should also make sure to enjoy some of the cities fine dining options. Throughout the city there are top restaurants, serving all different types of food. No matter what you are craving or what you want to try, New York City has something for you. After the show, you might want to take in some of the amazing nightlife that New York has to offer.

Planning a New York City theater weekend is a great way to enjoy much of what the city has to offer in a single weekend. You can plan to see some of the big attractions, or enjoy a more relaxing vacation. You get to see some of the best shows you will find, eat delicious food and have fun at New York City's nightlife.

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