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Southwest Art and Culture - Santa Fe

Camp and RV - Santa Fe, New Mexico

The beautiful city of Santa Fe is a fabulous destination for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and art and culture lovers. Santa Fe highlights the unique culture of the southwest. As one of the oldest cities in the country, visitors have an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich history of the city. After learning all about the fascinating history, visitors can also enjoy the outdoors, parks, and opportunities to learn about the culture of the native peoples and the southwest today.

Santa Fe is located in the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, it is both one of the highest and one of the oldest capitals in the country. The region gets about 300 days of sun each year. Even on the hottest days of summer the temperatures can have a temperature range of thirty degrees, caused by the high altitude. Daytime temperatures are the highest in June, and the city has snow between November and April.

Today Santa Fe is known as an amazing arts and culture destination. Visitors can find over 300 galleries and art dealers during a trip to the city. For those visitors that want to learn about the wide range of arts, culture and history in the city, there are many different museums to explore. One excellent museum and destination to visit is the Palace of Governors and the New Mexico Museum of history. The Palace of Governors was once the seat of government when the state was occupied by the Spanish. Now this historic building is not the state's history museum.

Art enthusiast should be sure to visit Santa Fe during August. Every year, in August, Santa Fe hosts the Indian Market. This is now the largest market showcasing Native American art in the world. Visitors will find hundreds of booths in Santa Fe Plaza, which have all different kinds of art, including baskets, jewelry, sculpture and much more. These booths are set up by over a thousands artists, that represent over a hundred different tribes. The Indian Market is an amazing opportunity to see an stunning collection of art, and many galleries also have openings during this time.

There are many fun ways to explore all that the city of Santa Fe has to offer. Visitors can take guided tours of the city, either a walking tour or take a tram tour of the city. Paranormal enthusiasts might enjoy a ghost tour of the city. Santa Fe also has a historic railway, that offers scenic trips and special holiday trips as well.

On top of a wide range of amazing tours, culture, art and history, Santa Fe is also an amazing destination for outdoor recreation. No matter what type of recreation visitors are looking for, Santa Fe has something nearby. There are plenty of places to hike, bike, swim, raft, horseback ride, fishing, snowshoeing, skiing and more. In addition to many parks within the city, there is also plenty of wilderness nearby as well.

Santa Fe is an amazing city in New Mexico and a fabulous destination for any vacationer. It is a world renowned destination for art and culture. Visitors will also find all sorts of recreation and exploration to enjoy as well.

Take a Trip to Churchill Downs Kentucky

Experience Churchill Downs and Horse Racing Excitement

Visitors to Louisville and Kentucky should be sure to visit one of the countries most famous race tracks. Located in south Louisville, Churchill Downs is best known as the host of the Kentucky Derby. Visitors to Churchill Downs can do much more than just watch the races though, this destination provides a full experience.

Churchill Downs has a long and rich history. The racetrack first opened in 1875. That same year the track hosted the first Kentucky Derby, as well as the first Kentucky Oaks. Throughout this long history Churchill Downs has hosted many different renowned events, including the Breeders' Cup.

Visitors can learn all about the history of the track during a visit to the Kentucky Derby Museum. This museum sits right at the entrance to Churchill Downs and provides visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the importance of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville and the fascinating history of the race.

The Kentucky Derby is an especially good attraction for those visitors that can't attend the derby itself or don't want to deal with the influx of visitors during that time. The visitors to Louisville that do want to watch the Kentucky Derby live will find that this event is much more than just a race.  There is a whole culture to this race.

Each year there is a whole Kentucky Derby Festival, which lasts for two weeks leading up to the race. Revelers can also celebrate the derby at the Infield. The Infield during the Kentucky Derby is a party that can rival some of the biggest parties during the year. During the derby thousands of people pack into the Infield to watch the race and enjoy the amazing party. Fortunately for the family vacationer the Infield also offers a more sedate atmosphere at Turn 1. This part of the Infield has a more picnicky and family oriented culture.

Churchill Downs is also known for hosting the Kentucky Oaks, which is a stakes race for three-year old thoroughbred fillies. Although not as large an event as the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Oaks has much of the same fun culture and tradition. This event is held the Friday preceding the Kentucky Derby. Revelers at the Kentucky Oaks wear pink and celebrate "Ladies Day" at the track.

Beyond these two important events, Churchill Downs has other racing events during the year. Visitors to the track can enjoy playing the stakes and taking in the atmosphere. The track has different options for the experience each person wants. There are standing room only sections and there are also options for trackside dining.

Kentucky has a long history of horse racing. The state is filled with the culture of the races as well as te industry that makes horse racing what it is today. Throughout a trip to the state visitors have the opportunity to visit world class thoroughbred breeders, as well as training facilities and more. All of these different aspects culminate at the race track, and in Kentucky that is Churchill Downs. Visitors have the chance to watch some of the best horses and riders in the world race, while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the race. One of the best times to visit Churchill Downs is during the Kentucky Derby an Kentucky Oaks, when the festivities are the most exciting.

RV Trip to Cape Cod, Maine

Cape Cod Camping and RV Road Trip

Massachusetts' Cape Cod is the ideal east coast vacation destination. Visitors will find sandy beaches, warm weather, beautiful ocean, recreation, shopping, history and culture. This idyllic spot has everything require for the perfect summer vacation. Cape Cod, although not known as a year round destination, has plenty for visitors to do throughout the year and can be an amazing destination during the off season when the area is less crowded and a bit quieter.

The beautiful summers on this part of Massachusetts' coastline really do make it an amazing summer destination. Visitors will find many beaches to enjoy, including many public beaches, and the 40 miles of pristine coastline and sandy beaches on the Cape Cod National Seashore. The sandy beaches of Cape Cod are amazing for relaxing, swimming and enjoying the sun. Cape Cod National Seashore also has walking paths for those visitors that want to explore the beaches beyond relaxing in the sun.

Throughout the area there are plenty of recreational opportunities including golfing, biking, boating, fishing and even whale watching. Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod is an excellent spot to enjoy whale watching. Tours take visitors to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary where visitors can catch glimpses of many different species of whale including humpback, minke, fin and others.

Sport fishing is another popular activity at Cape Cod. The waters are a good spot to find striped bass, bluefin tuna, flounder and more. Cape Cod has many different spots that are great for fishing, including the outer edge of the cape, the harbors, shoals and bays. These habitats are great for game fish species and during the summer months there are many options for sport fishers to enjoy the waters of Cape Cod.

The islands south of Cape Cod also have there own unique culture and are great summer destinations like the Cape itself. These islands include Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and a few privately owned islands. One must see stop is the Nantucket Whaling Museum. Whaling was an essential part of Cape Cod's economy for a long time. Today visitors can learn about the history of this industry and see artifacts and more at the Nantucket Whaling Museum.

Another museum that features an important piece of Cape Cod history is the Mashpee Wampanoag Museum. The Wampanoag tribe lived on Cape Cod before any other settlers arrived, and this museum commemorates the historical importance and culture of this tribe. Art lovers should be sure to spend some time exploring the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, one of the most popular art museums on the Cape.

Another way visitors can explore and enjoy the varying vistas of the Cape is by train. The Cape Cod Central Railroad offers a variety of train trips, including regular excursions, lunch tours and dinner tours. Whether taking a dinner train or the scenic excursion, this trip allows visitors a peak into the unique and beautiful  landscapes of the Cape.

Vacationers at Cape Cod can also explore some of the lighthouses around the Cape. There are an abundance of lighthouses on a per mile basis. All together there are eight working lighthouses on the Cape. Lighthouses on Cape Cod have warned sailors for hundreds of years about the dangers in the waters below. Today visitors can visit the oldest and highest of these lighthouses, Highland Light. From the observation deck there are amazing views of the ocean and surrounding landscape.

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of festivals and dining that celebrate the delicious agriculture industries of Cape Cod, including shellfish, cranberries and wine. One great activity is a tour of the Cape Cod Winery. At the Winery visitors can taste their delicious varieties of wine throughout the year, or during the summer take a tour of the winery. Visitors can take tours of the cranberry bogs at the Cape Cod Bog and Cranberry Company. The fall also offers Cape Cod visitors the Bourne Scallop Festival, where there is plenty of entertainment and delicious scallop dinners. Another fall festival is OysterFest in Wellfleet.

Throughout the year Cape Cod has many different and immensely enjoyable activities to offer all of its residents and visitors. The summer offers beautiful weather and is the most popular and busy season. During the off season the crowds die down, and although the weather may not be quite as delightful many of the activities that make a trip to Cape Cod so much fun are still possible when the high season ends.

Go Camping in Door County and Wisconsin Dells

Hot Spot - Door County and Wisconsin Dells

Door County and the Wisconsin Dells are great choices for a vacation destination in Wisconsin. Visitors will find pristine scenery in Door County, and the Wisconsin Dells is the a destination filled with fun attractions and entertainment. Throughout these regions visitors will find all sorts of attractions and destinations for the whole family to enjoy.

Sometimes referred to as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest," Door County offers visitors beauty combined with amazing attractions. Within the county there are state parks, lighthouses, shoreline and more. In fact, the area is a long peninsula, that stretches for 75 miles.

Visitors to Door County can plan the perfect relaxing vacation. Throughout the area there are small shops, filled with treasures. Travelers can find galleries, performing arts, fine dining and more. Everything needed to make the perfect destination is within easy reach in Door County.

Door County also has plenty of recreational activities to enjoy. In addition to the parks, beaches and lighthouses there are many seasonal activities to enjoy. No matter what time of year you can visit there is always something fun and unique to enjoy. During the spring there are all sorts of wildflowers, and the Door County Festival of Blossoms celebrates the beauty in the region.

Summer days in Door County are filled with beautiful weather. It is the best time to explore the shoreline, enjoy water recreation, trips to Washington Island, and see the performing arts. Winter, like summer in Door County is an excellent time to enjoy outdoor recreation. Visitors can take horse-drawn sleigh rides, ski, snowshoeing, sledding, ice fishing and more.

The fall in Door County is filled with spectacular colors. This time of year is excellent for hiking, biking, and driving. Fall also offers visitors access to the fresh foods at the farmers markets, including apples, pumpkins, apple cider and much more.

The Wisconsin Dells are also an amazing destination for visitors to Wisconsin, equally fun as Door County, but different. The Dells is known as the "Waterpark Capital of the World." Visitors will find all sorts of indoor water parks, making the Wisconsin Dells the perfect destination for families. This area is home to the largest outdoor water park in the country, the largest indoor water park resort, and even the largest water and theme park resort in the country. With all of the indoor water park options and resorts this destination in the midwest is a great spot to enjoy a relaxing and exciting family vacation anytime of the year.

Visitors to the Wisconsin Dells will discover that there is much more to enjoy than just the water parks. Children can enjoy petting zoos, the International Crane Foundation, which is home to the Whooping Crane, even the assortment of different festivals and events held in the area each year. The Dells also has thriving performing arts. Visitors can also explore the variety of museums for whole families to explore.

Both Door County and the Wisconsin Dells are excellent destinations in Wisconsin and the midwest. Each area has its own attractions. Door County has beautiful scenery throughout the year, and provides plenty to explore on its shorelines and in tis parks. The Wisconsin Dells on the other hand are filled with exciting attractions for the whole family to explore.

Visit the Conch Republic - Key West, Florida

Camping and RV Travel Information for Key West, Florida

Key West is a beautiful destination for vacationers in the United States. The climate is warm, there are plenty of attractions and fun destinations to enjoy. Key West has warm water, blue skies and it is the perfect destination for water sports and more.

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