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State Park Guide | Georgia


Guide to Georgia State Parks


Waterfalls | Appalachian Trail | Canyons | Civil War Historic Sites | Okefenokee Swamp | Hiking | Wildlife Viewing | Biking | Wildflowers + Find Campgrounds near Georgia State Parks

Top Georgia State Parks

Amicalola Falls State Park

Amicalola Falls are the tallest falls in the southeast United States, and Amicalola Falls State Park offers visitors an amazing opportunity to see these beautiful falls. This park is a great spot for hiking, with 12 miles of trails. There are easy hiking trails to see the falls as well as more challenging hikes. In addition, the park is located near the end of the Appalachian Trail, and visitors to the park can hike from the park to Springer Mountain, the end of the Appalachian Trail. This park also has a lodge in the backcountry, which visitors can reach after a five-mile hike into the park.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

This state park is filled with scenic spots. Visitors can enjoy these scenic views while hiking or while camping in this wonderful Georgia park. Cloudland State Park is located on the edge of Lookout Mountain, which provides all sorts of excellent recreational opportunities. Visitors can  hike along the rim trail, or can enjoy some backcountry hiking. Another wonderful option is the  difficult hike into the canyon.

Fort McAllister Historic Park

Fort McAllister Historic Park preserves the remains of Fort Mcallister, which was an important Confederacy Fort. While at this park, learning about the history of the park through the Civil War and more, visitors can also enjoy the nature of the park. Fort McAllister Historic Park also borders the Great Ogeechee River. Within the park visitors can enjoy the salt marsh and many more wonderful wildlife and nature.

Kolomoki Mounds Historic Park

Visitors to this site will learn that it is an amazing Woodland Indian site within the country and state. Kolomoki Mounds Historic Park is home to the oldest temple mound in the state, which is over 55 feet high. While exploring this park visitors can enjoy learning about the park's history at the museum, which provides visitors a look inside one of the mounds. Visitors can also enjoy plenty of recreation, including fishing on the two lakes, as well as hiking along the trails and much more.

Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area

Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area is home to "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon." This park has amazing gullies, going as deep as 150 feet. Hikers can explore the beautiful canyon, see the wildflowers and other flora and fauna. The park also has some great backcountry options for exploration.

Skidaway Island State Park

This park is located very close to the city of Savannah. Visitors can enjoy all sorts of outdoor recreation within this park. There are maritime forests, salt marsh, as well as lots of wildlife within the park. Visitors can enjoy these natural features while hiking on trails, walking along the boardwalk, enjoying the views from the observation tower and much more.

Smithgall Woods State Park

Smithgall Woods is a wonderful forest in Georgia. Visitors can enjoy the acres of this park in many ways. There are miles of trails, which are fantastic for hiking and biking. In addition this park is a great spot to enjoy some quiet and secluded fly fishing. Another wonderful feature of this park are the programs offered throughout the year. These programs offer visitors a variety of ways to enjoy the nature and wildlife of the park.

Stephen C. Foster State Park

Visitors to the Stephen C. Foster State Park will learn that the park is located within the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. This park allows visitors to enjoy learning about the nature and wildlife of the park and the Okefenokee Swamp. Within this park there are cypress trees, alligators, turtles, many types of birds and more. Visitors can enjoy all of the features of this park by taking a boat trip or while walking along the boardwalk through the park.

Tallulah Gorge State Park

This is another wonderful natural attraction within the state of Georgia. The Tallulah Gorge is an amazingly scenic destination. Within the park visitors can go hiking, or biking on the trails within the park. Tallulah Gorge State Park also has opportunities for kayaking on the white water rapids on the river flowing through the gorge during certain times of the year. Visitors can also stop at the Interpretive Center to learn about the history of the region and the park.

Unicoi State Park

Located in the mountains of northern Georgia, Unicoi State Park is an excellent outdoor destination. Visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing and canoeing in the mountain lake. In addition, the park has some fun hiking and biking trails, ranging from leisurely to challenging, including the beautiful hike to Anna Ruby Falls. This great park also has plenty of programs and festivals throughout the year, and even has a restaurant on site.

Watson Mill Bridge State Park

One of the most picturesque state parks in Georgia, Watson Mill Bridge contains the longest covered bridge in the state, spanning 229 feet across the South Fork River. Built in 1885 by Washington (W.W.) King, son of freed slave and famous covered-bridge builder Horace King, the bridge is supported by a town lattice truss system held firmly together with wooden pins.  At one time, Georgia had more than 200 covered bridges; today, less than 20 remain.
The park is an ideal spot for an afternoon picnic or overnight stay in the quiet campground. Hiking, biking and horseback riding trails allow visitors to enjoy the thick forest and river. During summer, visitors often play in the cool river shoals just below the bridge. Watson Mill Bridge has become a popular destination for horse owners who have their own camping area near stalls.
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