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Land of Snow and Sand
From the snowy mountain peaks of the north, to the red-rock formations in the south, Utah has adventures for every traveler. Float atop the Great Salt Lake, ski the famous Wasatch front, or bike Moab's famous slick-rock. Salt Lake City, refurbished for the Winter Olympics of 2002, now boasts a generous highway system to match its world-class ski resorts.

Utah's southern half is lined with six National Parks and miles of remote back country, all alive with wildlife (deer, mountain lion, snakes, and rabbits) and geologic formations. The highest peaks lie in the north, near Dinosaur National Monument and the pristine lake at Flaming Gorge. The industry of the Mormon settlers is apparent everywhere, from the grid-planned towns to pioneer ruins, found in even the harshest regions.
The Beehive State includes the high table-land of the Colorado Plateau, bordered by two mountain ranges. The effects of wind and water erosion are plain in the south, where towering pinnacles of red rock soar above the desert floor. Deep in the twisting canyonlands are narrow slot canyons, slick-rock, and petroglyphs drawn by the ancient Anasazi people. Dry as its desert landscape is, Utah has no shortage of water activities. View the desert cliffs from a river raft or a kayak, floating in azure Lake Powell.
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