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Wild or mild outdoor sports and recreation are a passion of the editors.  Here we profile different sports and outdoor recreation activities.  We'll give you tips on getting started, tell you about the great places for outdoor sports and show you what gear you need to be comfortable in all conditions.  So whether you're a seasoned outdoor sports enthusiast or a enthusiastic beginner we have tips and advice to make the most of your outdoor recreation passion.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing

Water skiing is an exciting water sport that can be a ton of fun. You will get to have an exhilarating adventure every time you go out on the water. It takes a little patience to learn, but once you do, water skiing is a sport you can enjoy whenever you have a boat and enough flat water.

Starting with the basics, water skiing is a sport where a person wearing a specialized type of ski is pulled behind a boat by a specialized cable. the idea is to ski on the surface of the water. Although expert water skiers make this look easy, it does take a fair amount of strength and it will probably take any new water skier at least a few tries before they actually succeed in water skiing.

Before you start water skiing, there are a few supplies you'll need. Every water skier needs water skis -- these are different from snow skis and they also differ depending on the size of the skier and the experience level of the skier. Of course, no one can water ski alone, so you will need to find at least two people to go with you on your water skiing adventure. You and everyone you go with will have more fun if the friends you go with also want to water ski. You need a boat, naturally. After you have the boat, the people, and the skis, you will also need a water skiing cable and a life jacket.

For your first time water skiing, you may want to either take a lesson from an expert or find a friend that has experience and is willing to teach you. Of your two helpers, you need one to drive the boat and one to observe. The observer rides in the boat, but watches the water skier for any signals and helps the driver know when to start and stop.

The person skiing starts by crouching in the water, this is called a deep water start. The skis will float, but you want your body to be in a crouching position in the water. Your skis tips should be pointing out of the water. Your arms will be outstretched holding onto the cable tightly. When you are ready, you give a signal to the driver of the boat, who starts accelerating. Ideally you are able to hold on to the cable and are pulled into an upright position with your skis underneath you, gliding along the surface of the water. Having a successful start will most likely take a few tries.

Once you get going and are able to water ski with ease you, will discover that there are many different types of water skiing. Most people just enjoy regular water skiing, but you may want to check out some of these more specialized types of water skiing. In trick skiing, instead of gliding on the water, the water skier attempts gymnastic-like tricks while water skiing. Slalom skiing is done with only one very specialized ski which gives the water skier more speed and maneuverability.

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