Write a Campground or RV Park Review

Tips for Writing a Great Review

Writing Helpful Campground and RV Park Reviews

Give the readers of your review the benefit of your experiences by providing them with accurate information that will help them get the most out of their visit.

Things Readers Like:

•    Give your review a short “Title” to describe your overall experience.
•    Describe your most memorable experiences – what was great, fun, needed improvement, etc.
•    Recommend specific places, events, activities that were worth visiting.
•    Provide helpful tips for the first-timers – what to bring, shortcuts, insider tips, etc.

Things Readers Don’t Like:

•    Don’t use quotes from somebody else or report someone else’s experience.  The review should describe your firsthand experience.
•    Don’t use profanity, personal insults or threatening language (keep your review family friendly).
•    Don’t disclose any personal contact information in your review. will be able to contact you, if necessary, without disclosing information.
•    Don’t write in all caps or use “texting” abbreviations.  Use terms understandable by everyone.
•    Don’t use the review process as a revenge tool.  Remember, the purpose is to help other travelers by sharing your honest, unbiased experience.  If you have a complaint, then communicate it directly to property management.

Management Representatives

GuestRated, LLC, encourages an authorized representative of the property to respond to both positive and negative reviews (one response per review). One authorized representative of the property may register here for access to submit Management Responses.

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