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All About Chocolate

The origin of chili is a matter of great debate and there are many out there that have attempted to chronicle the history. For me it's not so much about where it came from or when, it's about what I will put into my next pot. Many lay claims to originating the stew we now know as chili. There seems to be no doubt that chili was a staple during times when meat was in short supply and the cook’s creativity was challenged. That challenge is alive an well today.

One of the most popular foods in the world, chocolate comes in many forms. From dark chocolate to milk and white chocolate, this delicacy blends well with almost every flavor -- caramel, peanut butter, mint, raspberry, cherry, orange, coffee, and nuts. You can drink it, eat it, sip it, and chew it. Whether you bake it into a cake or brownies, mix it with coffee for a mocha, or eat chocolates straight out of the box, it's one of the finest treats you'll find.

All chocolate is made with seeds of the cacao tree, generally using a blend of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. People have been drinking hot chocolate for thousands of years, but it wasn't until the 1800s that companies started producing the hard chocolate treats we're used to today. Pure chocolate (or baking chocolate) contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter, but no sugar. Sweetened chocolate includes sugar, milk chocolate has sugar and powdered milk, and white chocolate includes cocoa butter, sugar, and milk but no cocoa solids. Semi-sweet, as the name suggests, has less sugar than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has been tauted for its health benefits because of the antioxidants it contains that reduce the formation of free radicals.

Cacao is originally from South America, where it's been cultivated since 1100 BC. Today, two-thirds of all the cacao produced in the world is grown in Africa, mainly in the Ivory Coast. The industry is dominated by three companies, Barry Callebaut, Cargill, and Archer Daniels Midland Company, chocolate producers that distribute cocoa butter to all the various chocolate makers. Chocolate includes a small amount of caffeine.

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Spring Fever Salads

Even before the first hint of spring warms the air, it starts to feel like salad season. After a long winter, our bodies crave the nutrients found in young lettuce leaves, fresh red tomatoes, and bright yellow peppers. You may still have snow on the ground outside your window, but there's no reason not to put spring on your plate.

Scour your local supermarket's produce section for whatever catches your eye. Look for bright colors -- the richer the color in the fruit or vegetable, the higher the vitamin and nutrient content. Also, try to get a mix of colors into your salad. Dark greens are high in iron while red and orange vegetables have high levels of vitamins C and A, and vegetables with a lot of crunch to them are high in fiber. Add in some nuts and dried fruits and you'll have an even more complete dish.

Not all lettuce is created equal. Generally, the darker the leaf, the more nutritious it is. Iceberg lettuce, for all its popularity in the food service and restaurant world, isn't actually very nutritious. Instead, look for dark Romaines, bright green butter lettuce, and mixes that include a variety of leaves from arugula to spinach.

Ingredients that add color
Follow your fancy when it comes to salad ingredients. You can choose the standard tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, and bell peppers, or go wild with dried cherries, jicama, orange sections, and walnuts. Fruit makes a fresh addition to salads, particularly when you add in-season strawberries, peaches, mangoes, and pears. Avocados are always delicious.

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