Dog's Guide to Bangor, Maine

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Dog's Guide to Bangor, Maine

Bangor, Maine is a beautiful city surrounded by amazing opportunities for recreation and fun. If you visit Bangor with your pooch, there are many places where you can enjoy a delightful vacation with your pet. Within the city you will find many parks where you can enjoy recreation with your pet and there are many areas nearby where you can enjoy the outdoors and nature with your pet.

Dog Friendly Parks
Bangor Gardens - Knox Avenue
Bass Park - Dutton St and Buck St
Broadway Park - Broadway and Stillwater Avenue
Brown Woods - Ohio Street
Grotto Cascade Park - State Street
Chapin Park - Parkview Avenue and Forest Avenue
Coe Park - Court Street
Dakin Park - North Park Street
Davenport Park - Main and Cedar Street
Essex Street Recreation Area - Essex Street
Fairmount Park - Norway Road and Royal Road
Hayford Park - Union and 13th Street
Kenduskeag Stream Park - Valley Avenue
Norumbega Parkway - Franklin Street and Central Street
Paul Bunyan Park - Main Street
Prentiss Woods - Grandview Avenue
Riverview Park - Front Street
Stillwater Park - Howard Street
Summit Park - Thomas Hill Road
Williams Park - Newbury Street

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