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Gear Guide | Desert Camping


Make Sure You Have Right Camping Gear for Desert Camping

The desert is a unique, and beautiful destination. Each desert has its own fascinating features, including amazing rock formations, types of cactus, interesting wildlife and more.  Everyone should take some time to explore a desert, but its unique characteristics require a little bit of extra preparation from other non-desert trips. Here is a basic list of items that you should be sure to bring when taking a desert trip.

Water, make sure to bring plenty of water during any desert excursion
Water Bottles (bring enough water bottles for each person in your party)
Water filter or Water purification system
Food, plan ahead for your meals and bring plenty of food for your trip
Backpack and Day Pack
Tent and all accompanying equipment
Tarp to place under the tent to protect from water
Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Mat or Mattress
Knife or Multi-Tool
First Aid Kit double check that your kit is complete before leaving, you should also have an anti-venom kit in case of snake bites
Flashlight make sure to bring along extra batteries
Matches always be sure to know the current rules for fires in the area where you are camping, many desert locations have strict rules about campfires in order to prevent wildfires
Camp Stove and Cooking Equipment
Sunscreen, which is especially important in the desert since the sun is extremely strong
Sunglasses, also important for sun safety to protect your eyes
Long sleeved clothing which offer better protection from the sun
Lip balm with SPF protection
Good Hiking Boots
Rain Jacket and Warm Fleece to protect from potential of rain and keep you warm when it gets cold in the evening
Insect Repellant
Personal Health and Hygiene items, including any medication needed as well as soap and shampoo
Toilet Paper, it is possible that there may be no facilities while beach camping
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