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Camping Gem | Rogue River

Oregon's National Wild and Scenic Rogue River

Oregon is filled with beautiful destinations, one of these amazing destinations is the Rogue River. This river, located in southwestern Oregon flows through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the state. In addition it provides amazing recreational opportunities.

The Rogue River flows for over 215 miles from Crater Lake and flowing out into the Pacific Ocean. In order to protect part of this amazing river, the Federal Government designated a portion of the Rogue River as a "National Wild and Scenic" River. Visitors to this river will find that it passes through mountains, forests, rock-lined banks and more rugged terrain.

Through this wild and protected terrain, visitors will have many opportunities to enjoy amazing recreational opportunities as well as enjoy some amazing wildlife viewing. Many different species of animals and birds live in this area. Due to the wild and rugged nature of the terrain that the river flows through, it is possible to see many of these different species. Travelers on the Rogue River can see black bears, black-tail deer, bald eagles, salmon, river otters and many more.

A large portion of the Rogue River flows through the Rogue River - Siskiyou National Forest. This nationally protected forest covers over 1.8 million acres and preserves habitat for many of the species seen on the River. These forest also provide a great destination for backcountry recreation. There are also hundreds of miles of trails throughout the forest, which are great for hiking, biking and even winter sports.

The Rogue River is perhaps best known for its amazing whitewater rafting and excellent salmon fishery. Visitors to the Rogue Rive and southwestern Oregon can find many different options for enjoying the rafting on the river. Throughout the area there are guides that offer rafting trips for people of different skill level. Skilled rafters and kayakers can make there own rafting trips.

For the less experienced whitewater rafter finding a guide is essential. These guides are experienced in the skills required for rafting, they have all of the necessary equipment, and they know the river and its rapids. These rafting trips can extend for a few hours, a full day, or maybe even longer if desired.

The Rogue River has rapids from Class two through Class four, making it great for both experienced and inexperienced rafters. On a rafting trip with a guide the Rogue River rapids are a lot of fun, and the trip also has a lot of pleasant floating allowing many opportunities to spot the different species of wildlife and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Fishing is another popular activity to enjoy on the Rogue River. This river is famous for its excellent salmon fishery, and there are also other species of fish. The Rogue River is actually the main fishery for the region, but the protected areas of the river are great for recreational fishing. Not only does the river have numerous fish, but it is surrounded by beautiful scenery, making it an ideal fishing destination.  People traveling to the Rogue River to fish should be sure to obtain the proper permits before heading out on the river to fish.

The beautiful Rogue River in Oregon has been and continues to be an important resource in the southwestern region of the state. A large portion of the beautiful river has been protected and the land that the river passes through is also protected as a National Forest. The protected nature of the land makes it a great recreational destination. The scenery is beautiful, the river is full of fish, the rapids are accessible and fun, and the wildlife is abundant. This river is an excellent Oregon destination for those travelers seeking a wonderful and varied outdoor experience.

Camping Gems | Paul Bunyan Landmarks

Take a Detour to See American Folk Legend Paul Bunyun Landmarks

Paul Bunyan is an American folk legend. State's throughout the country have their own Paul Bunyan landmarks, including statues of Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, and even giant footprints. Paul Bunyan enthusiasts can drive across the US just searching for all of the different landmarks. Here are a few of the notable Paul Bunyan landmarks that can be found throughout the country.

Paul Bunyan Statue, Bangor, ME
Bangor claims to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan. To mark this important distinction Bangor has a statue of Paul Bunyan that stands over 30 feet. Visitors to Bangor can learn about the connection to the character while viewing the gigantic statue.

Paul Bunyan Festival, Oscoda, MI
Oscoda, Michigan hosts the Paul Bunyan Festival each year at the end of August. During the festival visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the great story of Paul Bunyan. The festival's activities include a chainsaw carving contest, a Lumberjack show and an antique car show. If you want to stay longer than the three days of the festival, the area has lots of other activities to offer. The nearby AuSable River and Lake Huron provide many recreational options for all visitors.

Paul Bunyan Land, Brainerd, MN
This Minnesota theme park really exemplifies the Paul Bunyan landmarks. Visitors will find over 35 rides and attractions. The park has a mine tour, a ferris wheel, roller coaster. In addition there is a miniature logging run, and a Pioneer village filled with fascinating antiques. Of course, Paul Bunyan Land also has the largest talking and animated Paul Bunyan statue.

Paul Bunyan and Babe at Castle Rock, St. Ignace, MI
Michigan has plenty of Paul Bunyan statues. This statue is unique since Bunyan is sitting rather than standing. The statues are also located at the base of Castle Rock, which is a unique geological formation. From the lookout on Castle Rock, you can see Lake Huron and Mackinac Island. Before climbing up to see the view from Castle Rock, you can stop and take a look at the giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe.

Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway, MN
The beautiful Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway is 54 miles of good road winding through Minnesota. Visitors to the byway will enjoy the scenery, the interpretive kiosks, the recreation and more all while celebrating the tale of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. Throughout a trip along the Scenic Byway, there are plenty of places to learn about the variety of legends associated with the giant lumberjack. This Byway is the only one in the country named after, and dedicated to a fictional legend.

Paul Bunyan Statue, Bemidji, MN
Some say that the thousand lakes in Minnesota, where created by Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox as they passed over the land. One of the most famous Paul Bunyan statues is located in Bemidji, Minnesota. This statue is 18-feet tall and also has a Babe the Blue Ox.

Trees of Mystery, Klamath, CA
Visitors to Klamath, California should take some time to see the Trees of Mystery, and the giant statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox that welcome visitors to the attraction. The Trees of Mystery tour highlights some of the amazing and oddly shaped trees that can be found in the area.

Camping Gems | Catalina Island

Catalina Island, California

Avalon Catalina IslandBeautiful Catalina Island off the coast of southern California is an excellent summer destination. Not only does the island have stunning waters for plenty of boating, and other water sports, but visitors will find many fun activities to enjoy while on land. Now, to make planning a trip to Catalina Island even simpler, visitors can book a mooring at one of four regions on the island in advance.  To reserve online check here.

This island located off the coast of Southern California is one of the eight islands that make up the Channel Islands archipelago. Catalina Island is part of the Southern Channel Islands, and is the only island with a significant permanent population. Visitors to California hoping to visit Catalina either have to take a boat service from one of five coastal communities, or for an even more exciting adventure visitors can take a helicopter flight from one of two costal locations.

Although much quicker, the helicopter does not introduce visitors to the beauty of the ocean around the Channel Islands. Visitors can catch a boat to Catalina from several coastal communities, including San Pedro, Long Beach, Dana Point and Newport Beach. Another option is to embark on a sailing adventure to Catalina Island.

Catalina's approximate 76 square miles of land and miles of coastline  are full of fun recreational activities for the whole family. Visitors will love hiking, biking, boating, snorkeling, and even zip lining during a visit to Catalina Island. Of course, water recreation, especially boating. If you own a boat enjoying all of the wonderful water sports and adventures is much easier.

The sparkling blue waters of Catalina Island's coast are known for the world class scuba diving. Scuba diving off of Catalina offers visitors the chance to enjoy the clear waters with some amazing marine environments. Catalina Island also has amazing snorkeling. Not only are the marine ecosystems healthy, great visibility and warm temperatures.

One great way to take advantage of the amazing water activities is to sail your own boat and moor it at some of the coves and harbors around Two Harbors. In fact, visitors can now make mooring reservations up to 90 days in advance. There are four general areas where visitors can choose to make mooring reservations. Some of the harbors include Isthmus Cove, Catalina Harbor, Howland's Landing, Moonstone and more.

When you have your reservations for your mooring, and you find your lodging, you are all set to enjoy the many lovely adventures that Catalina Island has to offer. The island is beautiful, the weather is warm, the water is clear, and the fish are swimming. When you can bring your boat to Catalina Island you have the opportunity to take your time enjoying all of the beauty the island has to offer.

Camping Gem | LL Bean Maine

Visit Freeport, Maine and Hit the LL Bean Store

The site of the LL Bean Flagship store might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you are planning a trip. However, Freeport, Maine is a fabulous vacation destination. As the home of the LL Bean Flagship store and other fun shopping options, the city is considered to be a great shopping destination and could be a good fit for shopping enthusiasts and recreation buffs.

Freeport's biggest attraction is the LL Bean Flagship store. This store is open all day and every day throughout the year. In addition to being able to shop all of the stores' high quality outdoor wear and sturdy clothing items. the LL Bean store offers some fabulous adventures through the LL Bean Store.

The LL Bean Store adventures are called "Walk-On Adventures and are a fabulous option for visitors to Freeport to experience new recreational activities in a fun and safe environment. Everything in these adventures is provided, except for the good attitude and willingness to have fun. Some of the adventure options include fishing, archery, kayaking and others.

Freeport has many other recreational options as well as shopping and other fun activities. After visitors have has their fill with all that the LL Bean Flagship store has to offer, visitors can spend some time exploring the village of Freeport and the nearby attractions.

The village of Freeport has many more fun shopping options in addition to the LL Bean Flagship store. No matter what visitors like to shop for, they will find it in Freeport. There are antiques, yarn, jewelry, thrift stores, boutiques and much more. Of course, after a long day of shopping there is nothing better than finding a delicious little restaurant serving the delicious Lobster Maine is known for.

Freeport is also home to the famous Desert of Maine. Visitors will be fascinated by this unique destination. Once a farm, the Desert of Maine is 40 acres of exposed glacial silt, making the land look just like a desert. Visitors can take tours of the unique destination, learn about how the Desert was formed and the rest of the fascinating history of the attraction.

Visitors to Freeport looking for a more recreational experience should first stop at the Mast Landing Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary protects a variety of Maine habitats and ecosystems. There are fields, an apple orchard, an evergreen forest, salt marsh, all attracting different types of birds to the protected area. Visitors to Mast Landing can walk through these different habitats on the marked trails, all the while keeping an eye out for the many different types of birds that make the Sanctuary their home.

Another excellent recreational destination near Freeport is Wolfe's Neck State Park. The park allows visitors to see some of the natural habitat of the region, including open fields and marshes. Wolfe's Neck State Park also protects some beautiful shorelines, on Casco Bay and the Harraseeket River. Not only do visitors have a chance to see the natural beauty of the land and shorelines of Maine, but the park's beautiful habitat is a great destination for hiking, biking and more.

Freeport, Maine and the LL Bean Flagship store are a great Maine destination. Visitors have to start by exploring the Flagship store of the popular retailer LL Bean. While finding all sorts of outdoor clothing at the store, visitors can also sign up for the outdoor activities that the store puts on. After enjoying the shopping in Freeport, visitors can explore other regional destinations like the Desert of Maine and Wolfe's Neck State Park. The little village of Freeport, Maine is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and shoppers alike, and everyone is sure to find something enjoyable to do during a stay.

Camping Gem | Morro Bay, California

Camping and RVing Morro Bay, California


Morro Bay is a beautiful coastal city in southern California. The community is filled with fantastic attractions for visitors to enjoy. In addition to the fascinating community, Morro Bay also has an amazing National Estuary, and a great bird festival.

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Camping Gem | Gettysburg, PA

History Camping Trip to Gettysburg, PA

The historic city of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is an ideal vacation destination for families. Gettysburg is a real gem and not just because of it's importance in US history. Visitors to Gettysburg will enjoy all sorts of activities, from Battlefield Tours to exploring haunted houses and beyond.

This city was around long before the Battle of Gettysburg, and visitors have an opportunity to discover over 200 years of history in the city. However, the city is best known for the part it played during the Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg took place on July 1-3 of 1863 and was the site of the historic Gettysburg Address given by President Lincoln.

Visitors should make Gettysburg National Military Park a first top on any trip to Gettysburg. This national park provides visitors with a look back in time to the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War. The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center is a good starting point for visiting the park. The museum has an impressive collection of exhibits about Gettysburg during the Civil War. After learning about this spot's significance, visitors can take a tour of the battlefield, including bus tour options as well as self-guided auto tours. the Living History programs  at Gettysburg National Military Park are another fun point of interest.

After spending time exploring Gettysburg National Military Park, visitors will still have plenty of attractions to explore. The city of Gettysburg is filled with museums including the David Wills House in downtown Gettysburg which has excellent exhibits on President Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address, the International Museum of Spiritual Investigations and much more.

Visitors to Gettysburg will also find plenty of examples of living history. Throughout the town there are historic figures. As visitors wander through the streets and explore the museums, they will discover important figures to teach them what life was like in historic Gettysburg. Some of the museums even have living history guides.

Beyond the rich access to history throughout Gettysburg, visitors will find that is is an excellent destination to enjoy recreation and the beautiful Pennsylvania scenery. Throughout the region there are trails, which offer excellent walking, hiking, and some are even open for horseback tours. In addition, Gettysburg offers visitors access to a few excellent golf courses.

One of Gettysburg's greatest draws for visitors, beyond the history of the Battle of Gettysburg, is its reputation for paranormal activity. One of the most haunted cities in the nation, Gettysburg has paranormal tours all year. The Halloween season is especially good for taking paranormal tours, as there are special tours throughout the city. Some of the most haunted places in Gettysburg include the Jennie Wade House, the Farnsworth House Inn and more.

Gettysburg is an excellent city to enjoy a vacation. Throughout the city there many places of historical significance. Best known for the Battle of Gettysburg and President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, this city allows visitors to learn important aspects of US history by exploring historic sites and living history displays. Visitors can also enjoy the wide variety of museums and recreational opportunities. Of course, the bloody past of Gettysburg has given it a reputation for paranormal activity, and is an great spot for ghost hunters and enthusiast of haunted destinations.


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