Vibrant Colors & Independent Spirit
If you hunger for four seasons, take a trip to Vermont. The Green Mountain State attracts visitors from near and far to see an explosion of color every fall as the hillsides change from green to bright red, orange, and yellow hues. In the winter, Vermont becomes a playground for downhill and cross-country skiers. Summers here are cooler than in many other parts of the U.S., perfect for outdoor adventures. In the spring, the land bursts into color again as gorgeous azaleas and tulips bloom.
In Vermont, time seems to have stopped. Hike or cycle through the state, and you'll pass through red covered bridges that were built in the 1800s. You'll see pretty little villages tucked in the hills, with white-washed wooden buildings, bright window shutters, tall steeples, and inviting gazebos. Quintessential New England, Vermont celebrates its legacy through places like the Shelburne Museum and Heritage Park, an outdoor and indoor collection of early Americana, including period buildings.

It seems that our 14th state's serene setting breeds an independent spirit. Just like Texas, Vermont once was an independent republic. It was the first state to forbid slavery. That progressive mindset continues today. Citizens regularly voice their ideas at town meetings. Many forward-thinking companies, including Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, are headquartered in Vermont.

Rustic charm and beautiful scenery attract outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Trails perfect for cross-country skiing in winter become great hiking paths in the summer. The Long Trail, often nicknamed "Vermont's footpath in the wilderness," winds its way through the Green Mountains from Massachusetts to Canada. In the northwest, Lake Champlain provides plenty of opportunities for aquatic fun. From camping to skiing to snowshoeing to golfing, Vermont offers exciting recreational opportunities in breathtaking surroundings.
images #2, #4, #6 courtesy of Andre Jenny, Vermont Department of Tourism, images #3, #5, #8 courtesy of Dennis Curran, Vermont Department of Tourism


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